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Teleheath Team

The Telehealth Team consists of Telehealth Care Support Workers, a Telehealth Advanced Practitioner, Telehealth Nurse and Clinical Lead who work with patients diagnosed with a long-term medical condition(s) to help them to monitor, manage and control their own health. This is achieved by remote monitoring using equipment and devices to send the readings via tablet device or a basic mobile phone (free of charge from a patient's perspective) 
Long Term conditions include Hypertension, Diabetes, COPD / chronic respiratory disease, and Heart Failure that need to be managed carefully to avoid periods of illness and unnecessary hospital visits and admissions where possible and appropriate.

ELFT Telehealth also supports patients with learning disabilities and works closely with community and specialist t services taking a holistic and integrated approach.


East Ham Care Centre
Shrewsbury Road
E7 8QP
United Kingdom

Opening hours
8am – 4pm Monday – Friday
8am – 12pm Saturdays & Bank Holidays
8am – 11.30am Sundays
Email address
Telephone number
0208 709 5555

This service is patient-centred based on personal health needs. Some patients have simple needs and can be offered simple Telehealth. This includes questionnaires and a phone application known as “Florence” of “Flo”, for patients to take their health readings using their own mobile phone. 

Others who have more complex needs will be offered a set-top box known as “Motiva” to send readings, complete questionnaires and even watch educational clips on their TV. 

Docobo is the system we use for high-level monitoring for conditions such as Heart Failure or COPD.  Patients are asked to enter their BP, heart rate, weight (for Heart Failure only) and temperature readings to a tablet device alongside questions that will help the clinician gauge if the patient's condition is stable or getting worse.  The team monitors the patients' responses remotely and escalates any concerns with the relevant hospital specialist team or GP.   This service is free and equipment is provided on a loan basis until the patients are stable or do not require the monitoring anymore.  

Using either Docobo, Motiva or Florence, patients can take and send their own readings as and when needed. The readings, for example, pulse rate, blood pressure, weight or blood sugar go to the centre where they are automatically logged and checked by a health professional.  If there is any cause for concern the patient will be contacted and given advice accordingly, including advice on taking medication. 

A referral form is completed and sent to the Single Point of Access.

Referral Criteria

Referrals accepted from GP's healthcare and social care professionals via Single Point of Access (SPA): 
Patient must be over 16 years of age and both living and registered with a GP in Newham. 
Referrals can be made by ringing the service and obtaining the referral form or by downloading from the public domain (information for professionals section) 
Not available to patients under 16 years of age and those not registered with a Newham GP.