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Community Health Careers

Community health services play a key role in our health and care system. At ELFT, our community health workers are dedicated to keeping people well at home and in community settings close to home, and support people to live independently.

Where do we operate?
Our community health workers serve the communities of Newham, Tower Hamlets, and Bedfordshire and Luton.

‘I have so much pride working in community health. I feel that I play a vital role in giving our patients dignity in living their best life possible in the comfort of their own homes.’

Caroline Ogunsola, Senior Community Health Nurse, East London NHS Foundation Trust

Take a look at our latest vacancies relating to roles in community health across the Trust. We look forward to receiving your application. Need help on how to submit the perfect application? Watch our instruction video below:

We are fully aware that the opportunity for career progression is very important among staff. At ELFT, we have worked hard to ensure our community health have ample opportunities to progress within their chose field. Take a look at the schemes and programmes available for community health staff at the Trust. 

Our Community Health workers serve the communities in a number of areas across East London and Bedfordshire & Luton. Take a look at the number of sites that our community health staff delivered care from.

We value the work of our staff greatly. To us, there are stars. Take a look at some of our staff profiles and gain an insight into some of the colleagues you’d be working with.

We welcome health professionals’ decision to return to practice and we do our utmost to ensure the transition back into working in the NHS is smooth as possible. Take a look at our programmes to help people return to practice

A number of our community health staff has made positive strides using quality improvement methodology to improve our services. Take a look at some of the QI projects that our community health staff have undertaken.