October 2021: A New Carer's Strategy is in development. For further information contact elft.communications@nhs.net

The Trust is keen to ensure carers get information and support when they need it.

Carers are in a unique position to really know how an individual is coping, to provide support and flag up if there are any issues. However, it is important that carers themselves are supported and looked after too.

Who to Contact

If you are a carer of someone, the care co-ordinator or named health professional for the person you look after is the person to contact about your health and social needs in the first instance. They will carry out a Carer's Assessment and call you every month or so to see how you are and how the person you look after is doing.

Carers Leads

The role of Carers Leads in the Trust is to ensure that those caring for people with mental health problems raise their concerns and are supported. They also lead on ways to improve how we work with carers.

Carers Leads encourage carers to get involved and have their say about the services we offer, both for carers and for service users, so that we might be able to make improvements and provide better services for all.

Local Carers Leads

For more information about our Carers Leads in Bedfordshire and Luton, City & Hackney, Forensic Services, Newham or Tower Hamlets please contact Michael.Keating@nhs.net 

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