ELFT has been working closely with local Higher Education Institutions to develop a new Apprenticeship in Psychology working with people with complex mental health problems. This will lead to the new role of Clinical Associate in Psychology and an MSc level degree.  This role is for people who hold a degree in psychology. This programme is not currently open to applicants but will be advertised on NHS when available.

ELFT is one of the first NHS trusts in England to embark on these pioneering apprenticeships. There are 12 implementations sites. NHS trusts in Sheffield and Cornwall are also establishing similar pathways where the focus will be on Personality Disorder and Children’s Mental Health respectively. Apprentices will be employed to work in our mental health services, will receive regular supervision and training from qualified psychologists and will have one day a week at university. The apprenticeship will last for 18 months. They will be paid while they are training.

Why Do We Need a New Role?
Everyone knows its good to talk. The benefits of psychological approaches to health and well being are increasingly in demand and so we need more professionals who are equipped to offer these to the people we serve. There is an exciting revolution taking place in health and social care which will change the way services are arranged to support individuals. Clinical Associates in Psychology will work in and with local communities and partners to help people to make the changes they need to get more out of life.

This approach is in line with the aims of the NHS Long Term Plan and supports early intervention and prevention.

This will be advertised via NHS Jobs as and when we recruit.

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