We are doing a lot to improve the working lives of our staff, including helping employees to stay healthy; flexible working that promotes a sensible balance between home and working life; and a commitment to equal opportunities. In 2020 the Stonewall charity rated ELFT as a top health employer in the UK. Below is a summary of what our staff can expect. 


Many Trust staff juggle caring responsibilities, including looking after children, or caring for elderly relatives or other dependents. Some staff want to pursue other interests, for example further study, relief work, overseas voluntary work.  Because of this, we have developed policies to help including: generous maternity, paternity, adoption, carer and special leave policies; innovative work-life balance policies such as compressed hours, flexible retirement, part-time working, job sharing, home working, employment breaks, flexi-time, unpaid leave, reduced annual working time and reduced hours. 


We have good occupational health services and provide access to confidential counselling and post-trauma support following serious incidents. The Occupational Health Department also offers an immunisation service and health promotion advice for staff by referral. They are also there to support staff coming back to work after a period of illness or injury.


We strongly believe in supporting all staff to develop and grow. We have a strong professional development and lifelong learning ethos, linked to a commitment to clinical supervision and appraisal processes. 


Balancing work and home life is becoming increasingly important. We have a dedicated Employee Engagement team that is committed to ensuring that staff can achieve a healthy balance between meeting both their home and work needs. Their role is to:

  • Give advice on all aspects of childcare and flexible working

  • Commission childcare provision that meets the needs of staff and the local community

  • Co-ordinate the provision of subsidised nursery places

  • Co-ordinate the provision of subsidised holiday play scheme places

  • Provide information on pre-school and out-of-school childcare

  • Provide a keep-in-touch scheme for maternity leavers, providing information, advice and support including a ‘welcome back’ pack

  • Oversee an approved childcare voucher scheme to assist with the financial aspect of childcare

  • Act as an advocate in the negotiation of flexible working arrangements to support individuals' childcare needs.


The Employee Engagement team also supports carers who may have someone other than children to care for. They meet regularly with parents, carers, managers and staff side representatives to ensure that childcare and other support services are effective.


The Trust is doing a lot to improve the working lives of staff that includes helping employees to stay healthy, flexible working that promotes a sensible balance between home and working life and a commitment to equal opportunities.


We have an active staff recognition process in place which includes an Employee of the Month Award and a Team of Month Award. There is also an annual awards event to reward exceptional achievement. Individuals and teams are nominated by colleagues, service users and carers and the event takes place towards the end of each year.

Our annual Staff Awards Ceremony is now a regular feature, and a much-cherished part of our staff's calendar. It is not only an opportunity to identify and celebrate our many outstanding teams and services across all the directorates we serve, but also an opportunity to showcase excellent delivery of care to inspire others. In 2020 the ELFT Staff Awards Ceremony and Party took place on 4 February 2020 at the Barbican Centre attracting 500 staff and guests from partner organisations.


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