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Get Involved - CAMHS

At CAMHS, we want our young people, families and carers to get the very best service. We can only do this by listening and working with you to make sure we deliver what you want. That’s why your voice is so important.

Although COVID-19 is still a concern, and on all CAMHS premises we continue to take all the necessary precautions to stop the spread and practice hygiene safety (such as wearing masks, hand-wash regularly and remember the 2 metre rule) our User Groups offer many ways for you to get involved and share ideas to help improve our services.

These include:

Meet up with other young people to discuss service development and brainstorm ideas in a safe, non-judgemental environment. You can also help us to design and review leaflets, posters and correspondence. Please note that these meetings are currently taking place virtually.

Join the CAMHS staff on interview panels that question and select the most suitable candidates to work at our service. All interview panel participation is currently taking place remotely.

Help us to redesign our treatment rooms, reception areas and gardens

Help us to teach our staff the best way to support young people

Feel free to write an article for our newsletter

Help us to design and run events such as Open Days, Career shows and schools workshops

We actively encourage feedback, both positive and negative, regarding our services so that we can constantly review and improve the support we give to young people

We regularly run creative sessions for young people to produce artwork and poetry for our clinics

Making short films about topics that are important to you

Bedfordshire CAMHS co-produce a regular podcast with service users discussing a wide range of topics relating to young people’s mental health and wellbeing. You can listen to some of the recordings here:

#CAMHSTalk Podcast>>

We also do lots of fun things too such as; sports and recreation activities, day trips, visits to places of interest, book clubs, meet-ups with other young people  and radio projects. 

Does it make a difference?

YES! You will work with other service users and carers to make sure we hear your views and ideas and that you can hold us to account. You can help us choose and train the staff you want to see working in our services, and share ideas on how we can further improve the work we do.

 "My views and opinions were taken into consideration and for that I am grateful" W, age 15

What about Parents & Carers?
We value the feedback and support of parents and carers to help improve our services. Just as with young people, we have a number of ways that parents can get involved shaping the work we do. Why not join our parent forums, volunteer for our peer support groups, assist with running activities in the community, or even help us to recruit new st

How do we get involved?
For more information contact the People Participation Lead for your local service.