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Who we help


CAMHS offers help to children and their families who may be having trouble sleeping, having tantrums, feel sad a lot of the time, have worries about school or find it difficult to play with friends.

Young People

CAMHS offers assessment and help to children, young people and their families with significant emotional and behavioural difficulties or who suffer with anxiety. We also help young people who may have Autistic Spectrum Disorder (ASD), Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) eating difficulties or other emotional difficulties.

Parents and Carers

We aim to provide a service that respects the beliefs of those who use the service and is sensitive to their culture, race and gender.

How can CAMHS help you?

If you are a child or young person CAMHS can help you better understand the difficulties you may be experiencing. We can offer you support and help so that your problems feel more manageable.

If you are a parent then CAMHS can help you access support on behalf of your child. We can also support you to better understand the difficulties your child is experiencing.

If you are a professional then the CAMHS site can give you information on how to make referrals to CAMHS, depending on the age and location of the young people you are working with.

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Find out more about how CAMHS is working with children in your area

Find out how CAMHS is working with young people in your area

Find out more about how CAMHS is working with parents in your area

Find out more about how CAMHS works with professionals.

Get in touch

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You can request an appointment through your GP, school, youth worker, social worker. We will then phone you and let you know when your first appointment will be. To find out more visit your local services page.

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If you are interested in getting more involved in the service then please ask about our Young People’s or Parent’s User groups or being on an interview panel to recruit new staff. See our

Contact Us page for contact information.

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We can make this information available in Braille, large print, audio or other languages. We can also provide interpreters for languages or signing at your appointment. Get in touch with your local service to find out more.