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East London Vaccination Centre

East London Vaccination Centre

East London Vaccination Centre 3

The East London Vaccination Centre has now closed to the general public (except bone marrow/stem cell transplant patients – see below). We will continue to offer outreach only within ELFT services and local boroughs. Please check the NHS Grab A Jab website to find currently open vaccination centres.

 *Due to staff training we will be closed 23/03/2023, to reopen again for Bone marrow/stem cell transplant patients only

Bone Marrow / Stem Cell Transplant patients

If you have had a stem cell or bone marrow transplant and have been advised by your haematology team that you should now restart your COVID vaccination course, you can still attend the East London Vaccination Centre at 10AM on Fridays only until 31/03/2023.

Please bring with you a letter from your haematology team showing that they have suggested you should be re-immunised and ensure you know the date that you had your stem cell or bone marrow transplant (it will likely be on the letter).

If you did not receive any COVID vaccinations prior to your transplant, you can attend any vaccination centre, this service is only for those who received one or more COVID vaccinations prior to bone marrow/stem cell transplant and therefore need to restart their COVID vaccination course.

  • When you arrive, come to our Reception desk so that we can book you in
  • They will ensure that you are wearing a face covering and will provide you with a mask if you are not
  • We will ask you to sanitise your hands 
  • We may take your temperature
  • Please bring your NHS number and your letter from the haematology team looking after you
  • We want everyone to be safe during their visit and not be in close contact with others so maintain a 2m space from other

Universal Disability SignOn arrival, please let a member of staff know that you may need additional support during your visit so that we can ensure that we communicate with you clearly and that you know what the next steps are to receive your care.

If you have hearing issues, it can be difficult to communicate when staff are wearing masks. Let us know so that we can take steps to communicate well with you.