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East London Vaccination Centre

East London Vaccination Centre

East London Vaccination Centre 3

We offer COVID vaccination and the COVID seasonal booster. You can book an appointment by visiting the National Vaccine Booking website or just walk-in. 

  • Opening times: Tuesday - Saturday: 11:30 - 18:45
  • Contact us: 020 7771 5837

The East London Vaccination centre is closing on the 11 February. We will continue to offer outreach only within ELFT services and local boroughs.

Seasonal Booster Vaccination for 50+ Age Group to Cease on 12 February

We will be able to offer a seasonal booster to people over 50 and anyone who is immunosupressed up until 12 February.

Those eligible will have been contacted by their GP or by the NHS to book an appointment or walk into a vaccination centre.

Please note

  • To ensure the safety of all patients, at peak times and or when we reach clinical capacity (and in line with current COVID-19 guidance), the centre may need to temporarily pause walk-in appointments without prior notice.

  • We are unable to administer second-dose vaccines until 8 weeks after your first dose.

Find out how you can visit the vaccination centre. 

Learn more about the vaccination process for children. 

Anyone aged 5 and over can get a 1st and 2nd dose of the COVID-19 vaccine.
People aged 16 and over, and some children aged 12 to 15, can also get a booster dose up to 12 February.
People aged 5 and over who had a severely weakened immune system when they had their first 2 doses, will be offered a 3rd dose before receiving a booster.

You can view the COVID-19 vaccines recommended for specific ages here and below: 

Which COVID 19 Vaccine?

You do not need an appointment. You can just walk in!

If you can ...

  • Please bring your NHS number
  • We want everyone to be safe during their visit and not be in close contact with others so maintain a 2m space from others in the queue
  • You cannot bring any family members into the centre with you unless you need a carer
  • Others will be asked to wait outside
  • We have a separate entrance and exit, and a one-way system to maintain distance

When you arrive, come to our Reception desk so that we can book you in

  • They will ensure that you are wearing a face covering and will provide you with a mask if you are not
  • We will ask you to sanitise your hands 
  • We will may take your temperature

We will take you to one of our vaccination pods. You will be given a leaflet about the vaccination and asked to read it.

  • The vaccinator will ask you some of the same questions you have been asked - just to be sure you are safe and well to have the vaccine
  • Talk with your vaccinator about which arm you would prefer to have the vaccination in. If you are especially worried about having injections, tell your vaccinator so they can look after you carefully.
  • Our vaccinators are very gentle and skilled - you really won't feel much
  • The vaccinator will check that you feel ok.
  • You are then free to go

Universal Disability SignOn arrival, please let a member of staff know that you may need additional support during your visit so that we can ensure that we communicate with you clearly and that you know what the next steps are to receive your vaccine.

If you have hearing issues, it can be difficult to communicate when staff are wearing masks. Let us know so that we can take steps to communicate well with you.

The vaccination centre is all on one level with smooth surfaces. Some of our vaccination pods are slightly larger so we can accommodate wheelchairs and walking aids.

Anyone registered with the NHS can have overseas covid vaccinations validated. It should fullfil these criteria and please bring along your passport as identification and a digital or photocopy of the vaccination certificate. 

Once uploaded, the details can take up to 10 working days to become a visible record on the NHS database.