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ELFT Volunteer Service

East London NHS Foundation Trust Volunteer Service Hub

Welcome to the ELFT Volunteer Service Hub!

Here you can find out all about volunteering with us, from volunteer processes to access to policies and  applying for volunteering opportunities.

We also have a page dedicated to staff members who are interested in creating new volunteer opportunities within their localities.

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Why Volunteer With us?

Volunteers are crucial to the Trust’s ambition to make positive differences in the lives of our communities. When you volunteer, you support that drive to help communities to achieve the most fulfilling lives possible.

Volunteering is a great way to develop your skills and experience to support your career aspirations and to do something meaningful and interesting in your free time to help others. 

Please note volunteers do not replace existing paid workers roles but they complement and support the work that existing staff do across the Trust. 

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Welcome to the Team

'Your volunteering truly makes a difference in their lives of so many people. Your commitment, your generosity and your consideration will always be recognised and appreciated.'

Rajia, Volunteer Lead


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