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People Participation

People Participation

People Participation is about helping our service users and their carers to have a say in how we run the Trust. But more than that, it is also about working together so that we can offer a better service for all.


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We want our service users and carers to get the very best services. We can only do this by listening to you and working with you to make sure we deliver what you want. That’s why your voice is so important

Does it make a difference?

YES! You will work with other service users and carers to make sure we hear your views and ideas and that you can hold us to account. You can help us choose and train the staff you want to see working in our services. This is what others already involved in People Participation have to say about their experiences:

My advice would be to get involved. Get involved in making things better on your ward, get involved in the hospital. It makes time go faster and it makes things easier. I have been on interview panels, something I never thought I would do but it was brilliant. - Service user from the Forensic services

Through my involvement work I have learnt how to communicate, it’s as simple as that. In the past if someone disagreed or wasn’t listening I thought the answer was to shout. Through my involvement work I have learnt that if you respect people and put your point across people can listen.” - Service user from the Forensic services
Having been to one group, I felt a part of something that strived to create positive change. Restored my faith that there are people who genuinely care. – Carer from Mental Health Care for Older People

Before becoming involved with PPL, I felt isolated and had become more reclusive and that my voice was hidden. But wanted to be able to support and encourage others and wasn't sure how to or if I was ready to do so. Being involved with PPL has been a key turning point in my mental health journey of recovery. I finally found a safe place being empowered to express myself and be accepted without negative stigma. I feel PPL involvement is a brilliant way to break down negative stigma in people's attitude towards mental health and those who experience it. – Service user from City and Hackney

Who can get involved?

Service users who are currently using East London Foundation Trust services and carers who are caring for someone who is using the service. 

To find out more about People Participation you can contact the team via

You can contact your local or specific service dedicated People Participation Lead. Click on the drop down menus below for their contact details.

ELFT's Head of People Participation is Millie Smith. She can be contacted on or call 07557 172664.

ELFT's Director of People Participation is Paul Binfield. He can be contacted on or telephone 07944 015496.

PP Lead, Bedfordshire & Luton Community Health Services - 07768 854991

PP Lead, Bedfordshire & Luton Mental Health Transformation - Sally Wilkin: 07464 532966

PP Lead, CAMHS Bedfordshire & Luton-  Niki Scott: or 07896 303294

PP Lead, Central Bedfordshire Mental Health Services - Sheila Menzies:  07717 858871

PP Lead, Luton Mental Health Services – Upma Monga: - 07557 172664

PP Lead, City and Hackney Mental Health services –Helena Maine: – 07824 560211

PP Lead, Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services in east London– Alan Strachan: - 07769 136010

PP Lead, East London Community Services – John Kauzeni: – 07939 931650

PP Lead, East London Mental Health Transformation - Katherine Lazenby 07584 554027

PP Lead, Newham. Rose Muchoki: 07384 249386

PP Lead, Tower Hamlet Mental Health Services – Leigh Bell: – 07960 880002

PP Lead, Forensic Services East London– Sophie Akehurst: – 07908194553

Health Development Co-ordinaton, Marica Wainner: 07557 593131

PP Lead, Learning Disabilities Trust-wide. Simon Bedeau: 07769 137049

Bedfordshire & Luton PP Lead Perinatal - Hanan Abdrabou:  07920 586633

East London PP Lead Perinatal - Lara Roberts: 07918 445783

ELFT Carers Strategy

People Participation Strategy

ELFT Physical Activity Programmes for Service Users in Newham/Tower Hamlets/City & Hackney inc Newham and Tower Hamlets Community Services 

ELFT provide and promote physical activity programmes and initiatives for positive health and wellbeing outcomes evidenced in the links between Physical Health and Mental Health.

Staff are actively encouraged to promote physical activity interventions to users of ELFT services.  

“If exercise were a pill, it would be one of the most cost-effective drugs ever invented”.

Working creatively with local partners/community services to provide and promote activity programmes and pathways that enable service users to manage their recovery in a way that empowers inclusiveness within the community, whilst improving physical and mental health as a sustainable wellbeing lifestyle choice.  

Community Sessions: Referrals can be made by contacting Lead Sports Therapists;

NEWHAM - Fabien Foulon

TOWER HAMLETS - Brenda Phillips

CITY & HACKNEY - Lisa Krockel New Life Through Sport

Marica Wainner - Health Development Co-ordinator.

IP sessions: Yoga / Tai-Chi / Chair-based sessions please check with wards staff.

Healthwise Scheme:   If you require any further information regarding the Health-wise Referral Scheme at Copper Box Arena (Newham) please contact;

Marica Wainner - Health Development Co-ordinator.

Useful Links

Newham  (Young People)

Tower Hamlets


Other Resources (Which sports are you made for?)

Staff are being encouraged to recommend thriving activity groups to service users in Bedfordshire and Luton.

Health development coordinator Steve Muggridge has fostered close links with partner organisations to provide opportunities to help patients boost their mental health recovery through physical activity.

Attached are details for groups in Bedfordshire and Luton.

“These groups are proving a fantastic resource for some of our service users.

“It would be great if colleagues from community and inpatient teams can help spread the word.”

Email if you would like to know more.

Mindful Sport

Power Our Minds - Luton