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Our Strategy, Vision and Values

Our strategy

East London NHS Foundation Trust provides community health, mental health and primary care services to a population of around a 1.8million people across Bedfordshire, Luton, Richmond and East London.

Our five-year strategy takes into account the changing needs and strengths within our local populations, the impact of the pandemic on our communities, greater collaborative working between local health and social care organisations and the views of local people and stakeholders. 

It provides us with direction and defines our priorities as an organisation.

Watch our strategy animation

This short animated film explains our strategy and sets out the key areas we will focus on.

Below are four objectives in our plan, which again remain consistent with our previous strategy. 

To improve population health so that our communities are healthier and able to get more out of life.

The ELFT Equalities workstream webinars have been bringing together experts and health practitioners to discuss a variety of population health themes since 2020. Watch them and find out more here.

To improve the experience of care – so that anyone in contact with our services feels safe, feels involved in decisions about their care and knows that the staff around them are focused on their recovery and their future goals.

To improve staff experience – so that staff are able to grow, learn, feel supported and enjoy what they do.

And finally, our fourth objective is to improve value – by making the best use of our resources, making the best use of everyone’s time, removing obstacles that delay or hold things up, and adopting systems and processes to make things more efficient and effective for everyone.

Our Vision

The Trust's vision is to make a positive difference in people's lives. We will do this by providing the highest quality mental health and community care to our local communities.  

In order to achieve this and demonstrate our values, we work together as a team with our service users, carers, and partners. We actively make continuous improvements in order to deliver the highest quality services. We encourage research and innovation to find new and better ways of treating people and keeping them healthy and well. We then share what we learn to benefit as many people as possible.  

Our main priorities in delivering our vision are: 

  1. enhancing service user satisfaction
  2. boosting staff satisfaction 
  3. maintaining financial viability 

Our Values

The Trust’s values are at the heart of our vision and underpin everything we do.

Our three core values are:

We care
Everyone is entitled to the highest quality care.

We respect
Everyone should be treated with kindness and respect.

We are inclusive
Everyone should have access to our services when they need them, and we actively seek suggestions from all on how we can improve