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Newham Blood Testing Service Questions and Answers

We have introduced a new online system for booking routine blood tests similar to systems used in other boroughs. See below for the details.

Why have you changed the system for having blood tests?

All blood testing services in North East London are moving or have moved to online queuing systems. This was in the pipeline before the pandemic so we were lucky to be able to accelerate the system to keep people safe. The online booking system means patients book in advance and just come when it is their appointment time. 

No waiting rooms

We are keen that vulnerable patients are not exposed to the risk of infection through contact with others especially through and following the Pandemic. We did not want to having waiting rooms where that could happen. We have no plans to have waiting rooms back. It is more efficient for people to book in advance, and come in when it is the right time for their appointment.

How can I book a blood test?

You can use the QR code on the left to access the Swiftqueue link or click on your computer or phone:

We have distributed posters to all GP surgeries which explain how to book your blood test. You can ask the GP or the GP receptionist to book it while you are there. If you routinely attend for blood tests, we can assist you at the clinic with future bookings if you do not have the facility to book the appointment.

Your doctor must print out a blood test request form

You MUST have the blood test request form from your doctor or nurse stating what type of blood tests they want you to have.  We are unable to perform your blood test without this blood form. Swiftqueue only makes the appointment time. It doesn't say what type of blood test you need to have.

So I can't just walk-in for a blood test with my form?

No, we now have people booked in advance - so we have no space to see anyone without an appointment

What if my GP says I need a blood test urgently?

Your GP must ensure they use a form that states this. We have a small number of protected slots for this situation across all four blood test sites.

What if I or the person who needs the blood test doesn't have a computer, wifi or has no experience of using online systems like this?

If you or they have been given a blood test form, they can ask someone to book the appointment for them. Or the GP, nurse or receptionist can do this for you. If you routinely attend for blood tests we can assist you with future bookings at the clinic   - if you do not have the facility to book the appointment yourself.

What if I or the person who needs the blood test doesn't understand English very well or uses a second language?

The online system has a range of languages that can be used. Or they can ask the receptionist or health professional requesting the blood test to book it while you are present

If I just come and wait, will I be able to have my blood test done?

No. This is strictly an appointment-only system. This is a very busy service and every appointment slot is used each day. So you need to book an appointment slot and just come at the time of your appointment. 

Please note that if your GP has requested a routine blood test for you please anticipate that this is likely to involve a minimum of 2 weeks wait time.

Some patients have come without an appointment and been upset and angry to have not had their blood test. But we have to see the people who have made an appointment.

So avoid upset, disappointment and frustration by simply booking online. It will be the quickest smoothest approach.

February 2022