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27 July 2022

BBC Radio 4 Interviews ELFT Expert on Narcissism

Dr Tennyson Lee talks about issues raised by the TV show Love Island.

Dr Tennyson Lee, Consultant Psychiatrist with the Deancross Personality Disorder Service based in the borough of Tower Hamlets, is interviewed about the subject of narcissism for the latest BBC Radio 4  'Antisocial' programme.

The weekly programme takes on a topic that's generating conflict in the media, with a view to helping listeners understand the subject at a deeper level. 

This week's focus on gaslighting and narcissism follows in the wake of discussions  lighting up social media  about the behaviour of contestants on the TV show 'Love Island.'

The show's presenter, Adam Fleming, interviews a range of opinion formers on the subject.

Dr Lee speaks in his capacity as an expert in narcissistic personality disorder.

He is often approached by the media for his insight and expertise into this and other psychiatric conditions. 

Dr Lee can be heard 20 minutes in on the BBC Sounds hosted programme here.

Dr Lee and his colleagues at the DeanCross specialist service work with adults (18+) living in Tower Hamlets who have aspects of their personality which contribute to difficulties, either for themselves or those they care about.  

The team combine the disciplines of psychiatry, psychotherapy and psychology to provide a comprehensive and coherent treatment for our patients.

Commenting on his participation in the BBC programme, Dr Lee said:

"I'm always happy to talk to the media about this or other mental health issues which can be shrouded in mystery.

"It is important that work continues to dispel misunderstanding so that we can help lessen stigma. The more knowledge people have,  the more likely they are to seek help and so reduce their own and other peoples' suffering."