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13 May 2022

Dementia Action Awareness Week: Why Diagnosis Matters

Dementia Action Awareness week starts on 15 May, to raise understanding of the condition and to support the important organisations doing so much to care for people living with the condition. This year's theme is Diagnosis.
Speech bubble says let's talk about dementia

East Ham Care Centre's Tracy Connellan, Clinical Nurse Manager and specialist Admiral Nurse for dementia care writes: 

Diagnosis is so important in terms of dementia care because it allows people to have a better understanding of the condition and what to expect.

Timely diagnosis can help people make important decisions about treatment, support and care. 

Dementia is a huge and growing health concern. By 2025 over one million people in the UK will be living with the condition. Everyone will be affected - with either a close family member or friend living with the condition.

To start the week off, on Monday 16 May there will be a stall on the ground floor at Newham's East Ham Care Centre, where information will be available and people can ask questions about the condition.

We will also be hosting a tea party on Wednesday 18 May in the reception area of EHCC called “time for a cuppa.” Sharing a cup of tea and a slice of cake is a fantastic way to bring people together and start talking about dementia.

Dementia has physical, psychological, social and economic impacts, not only for people living with dementia, but also for their carers, families and society at large.

Dementia is often seen as affecting only older adults but also affects younger people which is known as early onset dementia.

There is hope in the face of dementia. With support from professionals, the voluntary sector and charities families feel more able to cope.

The relationship an Admiral Nurse develops with the carers and families and the support received is crucial for better outcomes. Carers often feel they are in the background, not seen or heard. Feeling listened to and supported through the challenges and changes improves the quality of life for all involved.

Dementia UK is a specialist dementia charity who share a passion for providing specialist and compassionate dementia support for everyone who may need it through the Admiral Nurse Services.

Support DementiaUK here. Support the important work they do by making a donation via the web page.