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19 October 2023

ELFT Women's Network Celebrates World Menopause Day

In tribute to Menopause Day, the Women’s Network at East London NHS Foundation Trust (ELFT) hosted a live event, marking a significant milestone in the journey towards enhanced understanding and support for menopause.
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On 18th October 2023, thirty ELFT staff members convened at Charter House in Luton for 'ELFT World Menopause Day,' a landmark event that heralded the return of in-person gatherings for the ELFT Women's Network. The event also welcomed the network sponsor, Philippa Graves virtually, creating a vibrant and inclusive space for sharing, learning, and mutual support.

Philippa Graves, Sponsor of the Network said: "Today’s event was a confluence of shared experiences and collective wisdom. It marked a wonderful opportunity to unify our network, reinforcing our mutual commitment to supporting each other through the multi-faceted journey of menopause."

Led by Network Lead, Ruth Cooper, and supported by Lead, Doris Mc Meel, the event focused on diverse menopausal experiences, prioritising the voices of women and non-binary individuals.

"Our Menopause Day event was a beacon of support and understanding, but we know there is more work to do to raise awareness" said Ruth Cooper, Women's Network Lead.

"It facilitated powerful conversations and meaningful connections, embodying our network's spirit of unity, empathy, and mutual support," added Doris McMeel, Women's Network Lead.

An attendee reflected, "It was a fantastic event, abundant with networking opportunities and inspiring discussions. It underscored the importance of connectivity and mutual support among women."

Accompanied by a delightful lunch, the event showcased ELFT’s dedication to creating supportive environments where everyone feels valued and heard.

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