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19 October 2022

The Future of Primary Care and Women's Health Webinar

England Women's Health Ambassador speaks about the gender health gap within healthcare and the upcoming Women's Health Strategy at the next Future of Primary Care webinar on Wednesday 19 October.
mohit webinar

Are you a health professional, interested in knowing what primary care health leaders have to say about the future of primary care?

On 19 October 2022, join Professor Dame Lesley Regan, Women's Health Ambassador and Dr Mohit Venkataram, Executive Lead for Primary Care at East London NHS Foundation Trust at 19:00 via Zoom.    

The discussion will address:    

  • the gender health gap within the healthcare system  
  • the upcoming Women's Health Strategy    

Make sure you do not miss out on this vital debate, and register now. 

This webinar is part of The Future of Primary Care series hosted by the primary care directorate at East London Foundation Trust (ELFT), which features leading names in the field of primary care.

About Professor Dame Lesley Regan

She is a globally renowned expert on Obstetrics and Gynaecology to drive system-level changes to close the gender health gap, best-selling author and first woman to be appointed as Women's Health Ambassador for England.  

With a particular interest in miscarriage, period problems, gynaecological surgery and menopause, she will work to improve the health and care provided to women and address the gender health gap within the healthcare system. She will also support on the implementation of the upcoming Women's Health Strategy. 

Watch her inspiring 2-minute video presentation: