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10 May 2022

Why Do We Need Digital Mental Health Act Forms?

Watch our video with Chief Medical Officer, Dr Paul Gilluley, and ELFT AMHP, Bailey Mitchell, discussing the benefits of digital Mental Health Act forms for all our service users, clinical staff and partners.

For the past couple of months, ELFT has been working with Thalamos to train our doctors, nurses, and AMHPs (Approved Mental Health Professional) on our new digital Mental Health Act software system.  Those who are trained are now ready to receive, complete, and send mental health act forms digitally - reducing the amount of time it takes to receive the proper care and increasing the amount of time clinicians can spend on care over admin. 

In this video, Dr. Paul Gilluley introduces us to digital Mental Health Act forms, while AMHP, Bailey Mitchell explains what going digital means for mental health care.

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