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Coventry and Warwickshire Partnership Trust

Our mission is to further embed a culture of research and innovation into the Trust to improve services that will benefit both service users, their carer’s, and the Trust staff. Our success over the years has led to team growth, an increase in participants and staff taking part in research, an increase in funding because we have performed exceptionally well, and a change in service practices.

Research studies are very important when changing practices, and we want all our services to be delivered using practice that is based on research. Our dedicated Research & Innovation team recruit service users and/or their carer’s, and Trust staff to research studies within our Coventry and Warwickshire Partnership Trust. These studies are developed by universities and trusts nationwide, and by staff from within our Trust. The main areas are Mental Health, Dementia and Learning Disabilities. Examples of current studies can be found using this link: Link

As a team we have great relationships with clinicians within the Trust who support our studies. They do this by identifying potential service users for specific studies, and in some cases by becoming a research study lead known as a Principal Investigator. We support academic clinicians in developing their research, obtaining the relevant permissions, and employing Research Assistants to work on their studies. We have also engaged with staff interested in becoming a Research Champion who promote our studies to their co-workers.

We are extremely keen to give service users, their carer’s, and Trust staff the chance to find out about our research activity, and to encourage them to take part.

Research Team

Nyamayaro Nyaradzo (Clinical Research Nurse)