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67 High Street North,
Dunstable, Bedfordshire LU6 1JF


0333 332 4019

Opening hours

Monday to Friday from 9.00-5.00pm

Path to Recovery (P2R) Central Bedfordshire

Who we are

P2R is a one stop service which provides drug and alcohol  advice, treatment and support to adults  whose lives are affected, support can include the whole family. We provide an integrated service with a range of expertise available in one place.

We will not judge you. We will treat you with respect.
We will support you to make the life changes that you want to make.

What can you expect?

When you arrive, we will welcome you and arrange for someone to come and talk to you in private about your issues and how they are affecting you. We will find out what steps you want to take, what your Immediate goals are and what your more long-term hopes are.

What next?
Following this assessment, we will start to plan the next steps with you. We will work with you to try to address any immediate issues straightaway.

Path 2 Recovery is a free, confidential NHS service to help you to make the changes to your drug or alcohol use that you want to make.

After assessment with the service, we will discuss with you the most appropriate treatment options depending on your circumstances. These might include one-to-one appointments, group work, family appointments, physical health review with a nurse, prescribing for opiate use, medically assisted detoxification from alcohol, and referral and support to access other services.




Clinical speciality:

Substance Misuse and Addiction Service