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Adult Speech and Language Therapy Service (Newham)

The Adult Community Speech and Language Therapy team provide assessment and management for people with acquired disorders of speech, language, voice and/or swallowing.


East Ham Care Centre
Shrewsbury Road
E7 8QP
United Kingdom

Opening hours
Telephone number
0208 475 2080

Communication assessment and management may include:
• Assessing speech, language (understanding, expression, written understanding and written output) and voice as appropriate.
• Assessing and offering advice regarding the appropriateness of alternative/augmentative methods of communication
• Based on assessment findings devising an appropriate management plan which may include advice, education or therapeutic intervention to improve or maintain function

Swallowing assessment and management may include:
• Assessing the physiology of the swallow and determining the safety of oral food/fluid intake and risk of aspiration
• Assessing for the presence of impaired eating and drinking skills
• Making recommendations as to the safest oral intake with accompanying strategies as appropriate
• Providing verbal and/or written feedback to all those involved
• Supporting carers and reducing potential anxiety surrounding the feeding difficulties.

The Adult SLT team works closely with colleagues in rapid response, extended primary care, East Ham Care Centre, Newham University Hospital, Mile End Hospital and community neurology services.

Open referral system

Team email:

Adult Speech and Language Therapy Newham Referral Form

Contact Tel: 020 8475 2080