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Bevan Ward PICU

We are a 15-bed secure psychiatric admission ward with higher staff levels to provide intensive secure care to men usually suffering from acute psychosis. Admission takes place following a thorough psychiatric (medical and nursing) assessment. Inpatients on this ward are usually subject to admission under the Mental Health Act 1984.

The service sets out to provide effective mental health care to help service users recover from a mental health crisis and support their rehabilitation to get back on track with their lives. Please note that the City and Hackney Centre for Mental Health is now a smoke-free site.

Opening hours
24 Hour Service (all year round).
Telephone number
020 8510 8031
020 8510 8219

Referrals should be made by letter to the relevant Consultant. Patients may also be referred through the locality mental health teams or internally from another health professional.

All inpatients have a thorough assessment of their care needs and risk. This leads to the development of a comprehensive treatment plan. A tailored rehabilitation programme will be put in place for each patient focusing on their specific needs and issues.

As well stabilising symptoms of mental illness, patients can access occupational and arts therapies, psychological interventions including substance misuse treatment and a range of medical services including regimes of therapeutic medication and the delivery of enhanced physical health care packages.

Each patient’s progress is managed by the clinical team utilising the Care Programme Approach which is based on a Recovery Model.

The ward has a multi-disciplinary team including mental health nurses, clinical support workers, clinical psychologists, a consultant psychiatrist and medical staff.

They work in partnership with the outpatients' team, care coordinators, social workers and GPs to support the patient through their inpatient stay.