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Cazaubon Unit Dementia Assessment (formerly Columbia Ward)

Inpatient Assessment - Older People

The Cazaubon Unit is an in-patient dementia assessment unit for older people living in the boroughs of Tower Hamlets, Newham, Hackney, and The City of London.

The Cazaubon Unit provides dementia assessment in the City of London, Hackney, Tower Hamlets, and Newham. It is a short-term assessment unit with an average length of stay of six weeks. It provides assessment and treatment for people experiencing complex mental health problems associated with degenerative brain disorders such as dementia.

Each patient receives a thorough assessment of their needs from a wide range of health professionals. Along with input from families, the aim is to provide person-centred care by building an understanding of a person's life history in order to meet their individual needs. 

The East Ham site is smoke-free.


Cazaubon Unit East Ham Care Centre,
Shrewsbury Road, Forest Gate,
E7 8QP
United Kingdom

Opening hours
24 hours a day, all year round
Telephone number
0208 475 2057

The Cazaubon Unit Assessment Unit is a one stop place where we can look at your overall health and see how you manage with every day activities. You may be concerned that you have become forgetful, mix up dates, days and people. You may also be finding it difficult to cope with shopping, cooking, cleaning and other activities at home. Or it might just be that you and people who know you don’t think you seem your usual self.

We will spend time with you, talk with you and try and understand what has been happening over the last few weeks and months.

Our doctors will give you a full medical examination to see if you have any illness or health problem that can cause people to become confused. In a number of cases these symptoms can be reduced when the medical problem is successfully treated. We may refer you for a blood test, electrocardiogram (ECG), hearing tests, eye tests and any further assessments that could improve your health, safety and awareness. We will also test your memory and investigate any concerns you have about remembering things.

Our aim is to work with you and your family/carers so that you can live as independently as possible.

We have a kitchen so that we can see how you cope with every day activities and identify support you may need. You will also have an individualised therapeutic programme which will identify the activities and groups you can be involved in during the week.

We have groups which focus on food preparation, discussing the past, keeping up to date with topical events, art and crafts groups and wide range of other social activities.

We have a television, a music centre, newspapers and a garden. There are a lots of activities on the ward so you won’t be bored.

Our team consists of Consultant Psychiatrists, junior doctors, nurses, a psychologist, occupational therapists, art and music therapists, community nurses and social workers, clinical support workers and care staff.

They work in partnership with the outpatients team, care co-ordinators, social workers and GPs to support you during your stay.

Referral via GP and CMHTs for Older People. Please contract us to recieve our referral form.