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Newham Learning Disabilities Service

We work with people who have significant or severe levels of learning disabilities with additional communication, sensory and mobility problems that require support and intervention from specialist health  professionals with specific expertise and experience of this client group. The work is always at the client's pace and so sessions may take longer than in mainstream services.

Newham Health Team for Adults with Learning Disabilities (NHLD) offers a single access point to a specialist multi-disciplinary service supported by an operational manager, Continuing Care Coordinators and admin staff.

In addition to the core team, two primary care nursing posts have been commissioned to work with GPs to improve annual health check compliance and health facilitation for LD clients.

The work is always at the client's pace and so sessions may take longer than in mainstream services. We work with a variety of providers both specialist and mainstream including GPs, social services, mental health services, employment, education and the voluntary sector. 

NHLD is a specialist multi-disciplinary team comprising of:

• Art Therapy
• Clinical Psychology
• Learning Disability Community Nursing, including an Access to Acute Liaison Nurse
• Occupational Therapy
• Physiotherapy
• Psychiatry
• Speech and Language Therapy


Young white girl with downs syndrome characteristics smiling

29 Romford Road
E15 4LY
United Kingdom

Opening hours
The service is offered between 9am and 5pm, Monday to Friday.
Email address
Telephone number
0207 059 6600

We accept referrals for adults

• with severe to profound learning disabilities who have an unmet health need.
• who are aged 18 or over
• who have a GP in Newham

We sometimes work with people with mild to moderate learning disabilities with an unmet health need but only if they are unable to access mainstream services even with reasonable adjustments. 

We do not accept referrals for people with a:• learning Disability diagnosis without a related unmet health need 
• specific learning difficulties only e.g. dyslexia 
• diagnosis of High Functioning Autism/Aspergers 
• mild/moderate learning disability who are able to access mainstream service with reasonable adjustments
• acquired brain damage/injury in adulthood (i.e., an injury NOT acquired before the age of 18)

NHLD use person-centred approaches that may involve:

• working with people individually or in groups
• adapting/developing clinical interventions to make them accessible to people with learning disabilities
• working with families and carers 
• adapting clients’ environments 
• working in a person’s home or at our base or local community centres/facilities. 

Please note we do not offer a rapid/crisis response service within this team.