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North Hackney Recovery Team

The North Hackney Recovery CMHT provides a specialist service for adults aged 18-65 years who require a period of support maintaining their mental wellbeing and who would benefit from interventions offered by the team.

We will work collaboratively with you to manage the challenges in your life, by offering support and treatment to promote your recovery.

The team is made up of a number of professionals, including, administrative workers, doctors, nurses, occupational therapists, peer support workers, psychologists, social workers, and support workers. Initial appointments are usually at our team base but in some instances may also be arranged within your home.

Vivienne Cohen House Sign

Vivienne Cohen House
2 Crozier Terrace, Homerton
E9 6AT
United Kingdom

Opening hours
9.00 AM-5.00 PM. We can arrange appointments outside office hours.
Telephone number
020 7275 1000

The team can offer a range of interventions or treatments including:

  • Joint assessment and care planning
  • Talking  therapies
  • Medication
  • Support your family or friends who may be helping you.
  • Help thinking about your general physical health.
  • Support to recognise possible early warning signs of distress and develop techniques to manage this and stay well.
  • Support finding training, employment, and meaningful activities.
  • Support to be a part of your community and learn new skills.

Before you attend your appointment, have a think about what would be useful for us to know about your values, treatment preferences, strengths, and personal goals.

If you want to, please write something down to show us when we met, this will help us to know what you want from our service. If you’re not being asked about areas important to you, please try to remind us what you want us to help you with.

If you are allocated a care coordinator you will have meetings where we make care plans based on your recovery plans and your goals. Please tell us if we’ve misunderstood your goals or are not working in the best way with you.

At your first appointment, you will be seen by an experienced mental health worker/ doctor from the team who will ask you questions about the difficulties you have experienced, or might be experiencing. During this appointment you will work together to identify the best options to help address these experiences:

  • Your values - the things you would like us to know about you, so we can respect these values in our work with you.
  • Your treatment preferences - how you would like us to provide any treatment or care.
  • Your strengths - so we understand what you are good at and what support you have in your life or would like to have.
  • Your goals - what matters to you, so that we can work together around these.

Appointments can be made via GPs, health professionals, social workers. If you are experiencing mental health issues, speak to your GP in the first instance. They can direct you to services that can help you.

GPs and social workers can refer clients to the Community Mental Health Team in their catchment area.