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Tower Hamlets Mental Health Liaison and Psychological Medicine

The Tower Hamlets Mental Health Liaison and Psychological Medicine (MHL) team provides a mental health assessment to people of all ages (16+) in Tower Hamlets.

The service will assess patients who attend the A&E department at the Royal London Hospital, and also provides mental health assessment to inpatients at The Royal London Hospital, Mile End Hospital or the London Chest Hospital.

The multi-disciplinary team combines expertise in adult and older people’s mental health to provide assessment, treatment and management of mental health problems including anxiety, depression, dementia, schizophrenia and any other mental health or psychological problem in a ward setting or in the A&E department. They can also provide specialist alcohol and drug support.

The High Intensity User Team (HIUT) supports service users who use emergency services (LAS & A&E) more than ten times in 12 months. The tea msupoorts the wider health system in Thower Hamlets but also across a wider goegraphical area by providing a MDT approach to complex presentations. 

The Rough Sleepers Mental Health Project (RAMHP) aims to improve the mental health of Rough Sleepers in east London by providing mental health assessment and person centred care plans and to help exisitng services work together more effectively for this population. 

Postal Address:

Tower Hamlets Mental Health Liaison Office
David Hughes Building
Stepney Way
London E1 1BB


Royal London Hospital - A&E Dept New Hospital
Stepney Way, Whitechapel
E1 1BB
United Kingdom

Opening hours
24 hour service
Telephone number
020 3594 3179