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Telehealth Staff

Michael McGhee, Service Director Newham Community Services and Mental Health Care for Older People

Michael McGhee was appointed to the Older People’s Services Directorate in November 2009. Prior to this, he was the Service Manager for Mental Health Care of Older People Services in Newham. His background is in social work. He has previously worked for South London and the Maudsley NHS Foundation Trust and has worked for several local authorities across London.

Helen Green, Deputy Director Newham Community Services and Mental Health Care for Older People

Helen was appointed to the Older People’s Services  Directorate in 2010. Prior to this she worked for East London Foundation Trust as a manager of mental health services in Hackney, she qualified as a Social Worker in 1990 and was a  practising  Approved Social Worker from  1992. Helen has worked in a number of inner London boroughs, she is also employed by the CQC as a Specialist Advisor and sits  as a Specialist Member of the Mental Health Tribunal.

Timi Ogunlowo, General Manager, North West Extended Primary Care Team for Community Health Newham Services, Adults

Timi was appointed as the General Manager in 2013. Prior to this he was the lead Respiratory Therapist in community Health Newham. His background is in Physiotherapy, Timi had previously worked Newham University Hospital where he was the Lead in-patients respiratory therapist and later became the lead in-patients therapists.He is still a practicing physiotherapist.

Raguraman Padmanabhan, Clinical and Operational Lead

Raguraman Padmanabhan previously worked for Newham University Hospitals and a physiotherapist by background. He was the Clinical Lead physiotherapist for in-patient care of the elderly team. He has over 16 years of experience in the NHS in different settings including the acute sector and community health services in Newham. He is one of the few in the country for an allied health professional to become a community Matron and still a practicing physiotherapist.

Marc Rodriguera, Advanced Practitioner Telehealth

Johir Chowdhury, Telehealth Nurse 

Telehealth Care Support Workers

Anita Wise

Kim Goldsmith

Julie Jackson

Mary Stackable

Abdur Rahman