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Career Opportunities for COVID Workforce

Career Opportunities for COVID Workforce

Westfield Vaccination Centre

Staff who came forward to join the Vaccination programme workforce have played a vital role in improving the health of local people. It is not an understatement to say we could not have vaccinated the community at the rate we did without them.

They brought energy, enthusiasm, and skills from other careers and walks of life. For many, we hope this is just the beginning of a career in health and social care - and we want to make that transition easy. 

Recruiting .......... You

One-to-one sessions to nail your next role

Temporary Staffing

Contact point for bank and agency queries.

Learning and Development

Providing training to develop your skills

Careers Advice

Useful resources for our Vaccination workforce to get you on your way

Careers Day - Success Stories

Our online Careers Day on 24 May 2022 drew 145 vaccination workforce staff. Throughout the day, they were able to watch a series of interviews with people who have moved onto permanent jobs in the NHS. 

Andrew's Story >>
Fiona Lord interviews vaccination staff member Andrew about the support he got to progress to getting a permanent job in the Digital team at ELFT (20 mins)

Colleen's Story >>
Fiona talks to Colleen who has been successful in getting a community nursing role and benefited from coaching support on her journey (12 mins)

Sadie's Story >>
Fiona in conversation with Sadie who has held a variety of roles in the NHS despite starting off studying architecture (13 mins)

Paul's Story >>
ELFT's Chief Executive Paul Calaminus talks about his journey into the NHS. He started as an administrator/receptionist for a midwifery team - and realised he wanted to do a job that made a difference. (16 mins)

Christiana's Story >>
Christiana tells Fiona Lord how one-to-one coaching sessions made her believe in herself, overcome her nerves and barriers at interviews and take the next step on the nursing career ladder

Feedback about the Careers Day from attendees


Careers Day - Presentations

If you were not able to attend the Careers Day or want to revisit some of the presentations, you can find the slides below:

Coming Forward to Help NEL - Amy Stebbings
Amy describes the incredible response of the COVID vaccination workforce

Attaining a Care Certificate - Sarah Walker
Sarah says, "It's not just a glorified Admin!"

Care Co-ordinators in Primary Care - Zehra Zafdar
Play a central role in helping someone to get back on track with their health and their life

Interview Skills Presentation - Andy Williamson
Homerton's Andy sets out how to give a killer interview

Working in Adult Social Care - Miranda Coates
Try Miranda's quiz and see how you fare

Working in Primary Care - Irfaan Ibne
The job satisfaction of supporting people from their first contact with health services

A recording of the session provided by the ELFT Apprenticeship team - a great way to take your first step.

NEL Mass Vaccination Lead Employer Programme
Careers advice sessions

This document provides a breakdown of each session that we offer in our support for vaccination staff.