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Consultant Psychiatry at ELFT

Consultant Psychiatry at ELFT

East London NHS Foundation Trust in Bedfordshire and Luton has a range of Consultant development opportunities available.

We are in a position to tailor Consultant posts according to your interest across our Crisis, Community Mental Health, and Inpatient directorates. We are keen to support our Consultants to develop sustainable and stimulating working patterns and we support flexible working arrangements.

Dr Sonia Sangha

Why join us?

We offer a generous relocation package and a range of initiatives to support new Consultants joining our organisation. You will access our highly-regarded Quality Improvement Science in Action training.

We will design a work plan and training package that can support your academic and leadership development. For a no-obligation discussion about Consultant opportunities with ELFT in Bedfordshire and Luton, please contact:

  • Dr. Angharad Ruttley - Clinical Director Crisis Care Pathway –
  • Dr. Guy Thompson – Clinical Director Inpatient Mental Health Services –
  • Dr. Reena Sani – Clinical Director Community Mental Health Services (Adult and Older Adult) –

Career progression and staff experience

Quality Improvement 

Mental health conditions that may be diagnosed and treated by a psychiatrist include:

  • anxiety phobias
  • obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD)
  • post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)
  • personality disorders
  • schizophrenia and paranoia depression and bipolar disorder
  • dementia and Alzheimer's disease
  • eating disorders, such as anorexia and bulimia sleep disorders, such as insomnia addictions, such as drug or alcohol misuse.

Psychiatrists may also provide psychological support for people with long-term, painful, or terminal physical health conditions.

Work with us in Bedfordshire

We offer a generous relocation package and a range of initiatives to support new Consultants joining our organisation. Take a look at our vacancies page and submit your application today!

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