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Social Work Careers

Social Work Careers

Social workers in ELFT are based in our adult and older adult mental health services working in multi-disciplinary teams, in CAMHS and Forensic Services, and in specialist teams such as Perinatal and Liaison, and many social workers are employed in other roles across our services.

Social Workers are the third-largest professional group working across the Trust after nurses and administrators.

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Arrangements for employment of social workers vary across the trust but whatever their employment status, ELFT recognises and values the important contribution social workers bring to the care of service users and their families.

We do not expect social workers to become generic care coordinators, although care coordination may be part of their core role.

We encourage social workers to bring their professional training and core skills to the multi-disciplinary team, working alongside health colleagues and in partnership with service users.

ELFT has a Director of Social Work and a Learning and Development Lead for Social Work demonstrating our commitment to the social work profession and to the central importance of high-quality social care delivery.

Why choose ELFT?

As a social worker in ELFT we will provide you with:

  • A mental health specific ASYE programme
  • Six weekly social work seminars
  • Quarterly social work newsletter
  • Annual social work conference
  • Social Work Week seminars and webinars
  • Access to PEPS and ASYE assessor training
  • Regular training on Adult Social Care legal frameworks and specialist training to enhance your social work practice
Social work career pathway

ASYE Programme

Our ASYE programme will provide access to regular focused support and development, setting out levels of practice standards that are expected of you by the end of your first year in employment. The aim of our programme is to help you make the transition from being a student to professional social worker.

Our ASYE programme offers:

  • Online induction session

  • Supervision from an experienced social worker (ASYE Assessor)

  • Supported and protected case load

  • Monthly reflective practice groups with fellow NQSWs

  • Study days

  • Training programme specific to mental health

⇒ Download ASYE Programme Overview

Work with us

We are delighted to welcome new social workers to the Trust and hope that if you join our workforce, you will be able to grow professionally, gain new skills and experience, participate in the development of the Trust and contribute to improving the health of local people. 

Social Worker Vacancies

Take a look at our vacancies page to develop your career in social work.