This section provides information and guidance about mental health law, including the Mental Health Act 1983 and the Mental Capacity Act 2005. In cases where there is doubt concerning deprivation of liberty issues, the following guidance from the Law Society may be of assistance, in addition to the other documents below:

Deprivation of Liberty - Law Society Guide

Mental Health Act 1983

The Mental Health Act 1983 provides the legal framework to regulate the circumstances in which the the liberty of persons who are mentally disordered may be restricted, and, where there is conflict, to balance their interests against those of public policy.

Mental Health Act 1983

Mental Health Act Code of Practice

Mental Health Act Code of Practice Easy Read

Mental Health Act Reference Guide

For leaflets that explain Mental Health Act provisions in English and other languages please click here.

The Mental Health Act is currently being reviewed, for more information please click here

Mental Capacity Act 2005

The Mental Capacity Act 2005 codified previous case-law and made new provisions regarding persons who lack capacity to make certain decisions.

Mental Capacity Act 2005

Mental Capacity Act - Code of Practice

Mental Capacity Act - Guide for Everyone

Mental Capacity Act - Guide for Family, Friends and Other Unpaid Carers

Mental Capacity Act - Guide for Professionals

Mental Capacity Act Summary

Mental Capacity Act Summary - Easy-Read

Mental Capacity Act Summary - Bengali

Mental Capacity Act Summary - Somali

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