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Thalamos Mental Health Act

Thalamos Mental Health Act

ELFT is switching to digital Mental Health Act (MHA) statutory forms. Digital forms will help us deliver swifter, simpler and safer care to our patients. 

Forms will be completed through MHA software solution Thalamos and can then instantly be sent to the next clinician. This means that forms can be accessed, completed and sent on without delay, at any location no matter the time of day. 

All staff must complete training before using the Thalamos system.

Printable forms can be found at the bottom of this page (for those not trained in Thalamos and business continuity purposes)

number of devices with pink mental health act forms

Why go digital?

Since the legislation change in 2020 there has been a wider focus on digitisation of the MHA and Thalamos have been working with the CQC and Metropolitan police to support them with this digitisation.  

There are several benefits of switching to digital: 

Significant reduction in errors from misread handwriting, or from common mistakes in filling out the forms which will be prevented by the Thalamos user interface.

Saving time and money by freeing up our staff members to provide direct care for service users.

Improved legal compliance will help to ensure a safer MHA experience for patients and the staff supporting them.

No more damaged or misplaced forms will protect patients’ confidentiality and reduce the risk of unlawful detentions, because all forms are sent securely via encrypted email and uploaded against the patient record in RiO.

When will digital forms launch and roll out? 

There has already been a successful pilot in City & Hackney and now we are ready to roll out to all sites.

The ELFT Mental Health Law Admin team users have already been set up on the purpose-built MHA admin portal and are ready to receive digital forms from Thalamos.

Thalamos started training doctors, nurses and AMHPs from Monday 28th March 2022.



Sign up to training here

There is also a help desk with how to guides, videos and FAQ’s available here.

How to access Thalamos  

Thalamos is a web application which can be accessed on any device. Once trained, you will also be able to setup a quick link to Thalamos on your device.

Ward staff will be able to access Thalamos as guest users. You will be sent an email with a secure and encrypted link to access each MHA form. 

What will happen to paper forms? 

Where possible, Thalamos should be used to complete MHA forms digitally in the first instance. Whilst users familiarise themselves with the software, and as further digital forms are added to Thalamos, paper forms will remain available and can be used if it is considered to be in the best interests of the patient. You can download and print the forms using the links below.

Find out more 

To find out a bit more about the company, please visit 

To sign up to training, please visit

For anything else, email  

Transfer under Section 19

Transfer under Section 19 - H4 Detention Transfer 

Renewal of Detention  

Renewal of Detention - H5 Renewal    

Renewal of Detention - H6 Renewal post-AWOL

Record of Reception England

Record of Reception in England - M1 Reception in England 

Responsible clinician barring discharge by nearest relative

Responsible Clinician Barring Discharge By Nearest Relative - M2 RC Barring 
Treatment Certificates under Part IV

Treatment Certificates under Part IV - T1 Section 57 

Treatment Certificates under Part IV - T2 Section 58

Treatment Certificates under Part IV - T3 Section 58
Treatment Certificates under Part IV - T4 Section 58A
Treatment Certificates under Part IV - T5 Section 58A
Treatment Certificates under Part IV - T6 Section 58A

Community Treatment Orders

Community Treatment Orders - CTO1

Community Treatment Orders - CTO2

Community Treatment Orders - CTO3

Community Treatment Orders - CTO4

Community Treatment Orders - CTO6

Community Treatment Orders - CTO5

Community Treatment Orders - CTO7
Community Treatment Orders - CTO8

Community Treatment Orders - CTO9

Community Treatment Orders - CTO10

Community Treatment Orders - CTO11

Community Treatment Orders - CTO12


Guardianship - Form G1 Section 7 - Guardianship Application By Nearest Relative

Guardianship - Form G10 Section 21B - Authority for Guardianship After Absence Without Leave

Guardianship - Form G2 Section 7 - Application by a Mental Health Professional

Guardianship - Form G3 Section 7 - Medical Recommendation for Reception into Guardianship

Guardianship - Form G4 Section 7 - Medical Recommendation for Reception into Guardianship

Guardianship - Form G5 Section 7 - Record of Acceptance of Guardianship Application

Guardianship - Form G6 Section 19 - Authority for Transfer from Hospital to Guardianship

Guardianship - Form G7 Section 19 - Authority for Transfer of a Patient from the Guardianship

Guardianship - Form G8 Section 19 - Authority for Transfer from Guardianship to Hospital

Guardianship - Form G9 Section 20 - Renewal of Authority for Guardianship