Research Seminars

The Unit for Social and Community Psychiatry holds seminars to present the work of its members.  These seminars are free, open to the public, and held on Mondays from 14:00-15:00 in the Lecture Theatre, Academic Unit, Newham Centre for Mental Health E13 8SP



Presented by

14 Jan'19 Psychotherapy Lauren Brotherston
21 Jan'19 IMPULSE: Overview and update Tamara Pemovska
28 Jan'19 Music therapy on acute in-patient wards – what next? Catherine Carr 
4 Feb'19 Untreated psychosis - a systematic review Rose McGranahan,
Ruth Cooper 
11 Feb'19 ERA trial: effectiveness of group arts therapies Helena Tee
18 Feb'19 Phone Pal study – results from the internal pilot Mariana Pinto da Costa
25 Feb'19 Mental Health Organisations on Social Media Antoaneta Dimova
4 Mar'19 Session Attendance for NICE recommended psychological interventions in schizophrenia
Mimi Suzuki
11 Mar'19 Tackling Chronic Depression (TACK) qualitative Aleks Matanov
18 Mar'19 DIALOG+ why is it effective? Fritizi Mosler
25 Mar'19 SCENE (expanding social networks) update Agnes Chevalier
1 Apr'19  Global Health Update Sana Sajun
 8 Apr'19 Virtual reality and depression: a systematic review Merve Dilgil 
15 Apr'19  Carer involvement during hospital transition  Justina Kaselionyte 
 22 Apr'19 Bank Holiday
 29 Apr'19 Tobacco smoking in psychosis: a harm-reduction initiative   Lauren Hickling 

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Research Methods & Tools Training

Training sessions in on a variety of topics of interest to those undertaking research in NHS are held roughly fortnightly on Wednesdays from 10:30-11:30 in the Lecture Theatre, Academic Unit, Newham Centre for Mental Health E13 8SP



Presented by

16 Jan'19  Global health seminar: family work in Bangladesh Philip Messent
6 Feb'19 Experiential music and movement therapy session Cornelia Bent & Leah Crowe
20 Feb'19 Archiving Carolanne Ellis-Brewer
6 Mar'19
9:30a start
PANSS Domenico Giacco
 20 Mar'19 DIALOG+ Philip McNamee
 3 Apr'19 Introduction to RCTs Ruth Cooper

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Research Governance Skills Training

As a Noclor partner, ELFT staff can access training courses for free.  Noclor offer courses such as:

  • Critical Appraisal Skill Training Workshop
  • Essential Skills for Clinical Research Nurses
  • Finding the Evidence (Literature Searching Skills)
  • Good Clinical Practice in Research
  • Informed Consent in Clinical Research
  • Principal Investigator in Research
  • Setting Up and Managing the Trial Master File

To check dates and book a course, see the Noclor Training & Resources website

In addition, the Medical Research Council (MRC) Regulatory Support Centre has a number of resources including e-learning courses that are free for all (once you have set up an account), these include:

Good Research Practice

Applicable to everyone in the research community, this e-learning module introduces the principles and guidelines laid out in the MRC's ethic series document Good research practice: Principles and guidelines.

Research Data and Confidentiality

This e-learning course explores the concepts of confidentiality and data protection. This is a complex field, but the course aims to provide you with the framework and tools to interpret the requirements for research with confidence.

Consent and Participant Information Sheet Preparation Guidance

In this guidance you will find information on:

  • The principles of consent (both ethical and legal)

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