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Co-applicants are the members of the research team who contribute to different aspects of our research programme. They are experts in their fields and have a unique role withing SCENE.

Chief investigator: Dr Domenico Giacco

Giacco is a psychiatrist who has conducted research on social networks (including his PhD) and on-line networking of people with psychosis. He is experienced in supporting the management of large multi-site studies. He will have overall responsibility for the completion of the programme including the trial, and directly manage all research staff in ELFT.

Professor Stefan Priebe

Priebe is the Director of the WHO Collaborating Centre for Mental Health Service Development, Deputy Director of a registered Clinical Trials Unit, and Research Director of East London NHS Foundation Trust. He will provide research expertise throughout the trial.

Professor Martin Webber

Webber is a social worker by background who has led on the development of social interventions in mental health care promoting social inclusion and access to social capital. He is an expert in conceptual work on social
interventions, social capital and health outcomes, and experienced in managing large scale studies.

Professor Rosemarie McCabe

McCabe is a psychologist by background, and is an expert in clinical communication and a range of qualitative
research methods, especially conversation analysis. She provides expertise on the analysis of qualitative data, in
particular the process evaluation of the trial, and the management of study sites.

Professor Sandra Eldridge

Eldridge is a prolific bio-statistician, is Director of the registered Pragmatic Clinical Trials Unit, and has been the leading methodologist on outstanding pragmatic trials on complex health interventions. She will lead on the
statistical analysis of the data.

Dr Amar Shah

Shah is Consultant forensic psychiatrist and Chief Quality Officer at East London NHS Foundation Trust. He is also the lead for quality improvement at the Royal College of Psychiatrists, and for the mental health safety improvement programme run jointly by NHS Improvement and CQC. He will be supporting collaboration with NHS services, implementation in the NHS and specification of training programmes.

Professor Diane Cox

Cox is an occupational therapist by background and currently is an academic occupational therapist with
expertise in the evaluation of interventions and professional development. She will advise on implementation of
the programme with specific care professionals.

Ms Carrie Kilpatrick 

Kilpatrick is senior joint commissioner of mental health services in the London Borough of Tower Hamlets and will advise on this element of the research, particularly towards the end when we will plan for implementation in
NHS Trusts.

Professor Borislava Mihaylova

Borislava Mihaylova is a Professor of Health Economics at the Centre for Primary Care and Public Health, Queen Mary University of London and leads the work of the health economics team at the Centre. Mihaylova has conducted the economic analysis in various trials on complex interventions in healthcare, and will support this aspect of the trial throughout. 

Dr Martin Cartwright 

Cartwright is a chartered health psychologist with expertise in pragmatic trials of complex behaviour change
interventions. He will contribute to the development and theorizing of the complex intervention, in particular in
WP3 and WP4. Francis will help to develop the training module to ensure that the intervention can be delivered
by a range of healthcare professionals, while minimising training costs.

Professor Nancy Pistrang

Pistrang is a clinical psychologist with an expertise in researching helping relationships outside formal
psychological treatments, and will contribute to developing the intervention and the training module to ensure
that the intervention can be delivered by a range of healthcare professionals, while minimising training costs.

Mr Kamran Shafiq

Shafiq will chair the Lived Experience Advisory Panel (LEAP) and feedback from their meetings to project staff. He will attend all project meetings, will take a lead on the dissemination workshops at the end of the 5 years, and will contribute to research activities through ad-hoc work over the five years as and where necessary.