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Schools Speech & Language Therapy

Who we are

The Speech and Language Therapy service for schools helps children from 5 years old who attend a Newham School (Year1). They may need some extra support in communicating their needs or being understood. We work with parents, carers and school staff so that they can provide support and activities to help these children in all their environments

What we do?

Once we have received your referral and your child is accepted in to the service, we will contact you so that your child can be seen for an assessment (see ‘What to expect at your first appointment’). Following their assessment we may offer some advice or programme of activities. These activities are usually carried out by school staff in school.

Who do we see?

We see children who may present with: language delay, developmental language disorder, social communication difficulties, including autism and selective mutism. We may see children for 1 appointment, or put a programme of intervention in place.This depends on what they find difficult amd how much therapy the need.

Children in Nursery and Reception in Newham schools may be seen by our team in what is known as the Buy In service. Ask the school Special Educational Needs Coordinator (SENCO) if this applies.



Referrals for Speech and Language Therapy Service to schools are accepted from parents / carers, GPs, nurseries / schools and other healthcare professionals. We have a standard referral form which will provide us with the information we need to decide how it is best to help the child. These referrals can be posted or emailed directly to our service.

You can phone on 020 8221 9300

You can email on

Please return your completed form and any relevant reports to:
Intake Team
West Ham Lane Health Centre
84 West Ham Lane
E15 4PT

Once we have received your referral and your child is accepted in to the service, we will contact the school to organise the best time and place to see your child. Once we have arranged the appointment we will call you to invite you for a meeting. If you need to bring anything to the appointment, this will be outlined on your letter.

At the assessment session, we will spend some time asking you about your child’s development and then ask you about your concerns. We will then go in to class with your child and work with them in quiet room. Sometimes we may assess your child using a more formal test depending on their age. The Speech and Language Therapist will then recommend ways you can help your child at home and discuss the next steps. A report will be written and sent to you as well as to any other professionals involved in your child’s care.

We are based at West Ham Lane Health Centre, however all of our appointments will take place in school.

Meet the team?

Sometimes we have students who are on placement with us and we will always ask families whether they agree for the student to attend their session.


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