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Welcome to SCYPS

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Service Update

All services are now fully operational following the pandemic.  Some services are still offering virtual appointments where we have found for this to work well for our patients, parents/carers, however, most services have reverted back to face to face appointments.  ELFT ask for you to continue to wear a mask when visiting our sites to ensure the safety of our patients and staff.

Please see individual service information using the 'Our Services' tab.  Here, you will also find relevant contact information.  You can also contact each service directly via the 'Contact Us' tab.

You may also wish to visit Newham Talking Therapies for therapeutic support post pandemic and recognising the current cost of living crisis.  Click here to be redirected to their webpage.

Please click here for additional guidance and information on what support is available during the pandemic.

Services we Offer

•    Children's Physiotherapy- Treatment geared towards achieving physical independence
•    Community Paediatric Services - Community Paediatricians are specialist children's doctors who take a key role in the supervision and coordination of care
•    CHAND -  Social Communication Clinic/Autism Spectrum Disorder Clinic -¬‐ Assessment and diagnosis of social communication/autism concerns from 2-12+-year-olds
•    Community Children's Nursing Service - Skilled nursing care for children aged 0-16 in Newham (including Epilepsy, Continuing Care, Dietetics and Psychology and Play Specialists)
•    Fussy Eaters - Our feeding service can help you to find a way forward with tips and ideas
•    Looked After Children - Paediatricians and Specialist nursing for Looked After Children /Young People
•    Occupational Therapy - Child/family-centred approach to reaching independence in all aspects of daily life
•    Sickle Cell and Thalassaemia - Specialist nursing for patients diagnosed with Haemoglobinopathy
•    Speech and Language Therapy, Early Years - Specialist support for children aged 0-5 with communication/eating difficulties.

•    Speech and Language Therapy - Specialist support for children in a Newham school, from 5 years onwards, who have communication/eating difficulties

What We Can Help With

  • Neurological conditions 
  • Neuromuscular conditions 
  • Syndromes and metabolic diseases 
  • Congenital abnormalities 
  • Delayed movement skills 
  • Concerns with walking or posture
  • Rehabilitation following hospital admission trauma or surgery
  • Rheumatological conditions 
  • Developmental co-ordination difficulties
  • Musculoskeletal concerns 
  • Musculoskeletal Team

Who We Can Help

We see children who are registered with a Newham GP and aged up to 18 years old. There are many children who may benefit from our services, as we cover a huge range of problems or conditions.

Urgent Public Health Message and Alert​ Group

Group A Strep in children - see the DOWNLOAD section for NTPN Scarlet Fever advice. 

There are current concerns about more children being unwell with Group A Streptococcus, a bacterial infection that causes Scarlet Fever, bacterial tonsillitis and sepsis, and the media have been reporting on the higher number of child deaths from invasive Group A Strep in recent months. 

Here are key information links for parents and carers:

Urgent Public Health Message and Alert Group A Strep in children
Scarlet Fever (Strep A) Parent Advice leaflet

Scarlet Fever is much more common in children than in adults and it is important that children with Scarlet Fever are seen by their GP so that they can be started on antibiotics.