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Feedback on Service Users Participation

I regularly go to group meetings at CAMHS in Luton run by Niki with other service users. We talk about issues around mental health and discuss service development. We give feedback on a variety of things from care plans, the appearance of the waiting room and how it can be improved and what the new CAMHS website should look like. This has given me the confidence to talk to other young people and share my opinion and also to listen and value their opinions even when they are different to mine.

The thing I enjoy most is being involved in interviews for staff recruitment. I started this in September and so far have helped make a decision about CAMHS employing more than 6 staff. I have sat on the panel with various members of staff for all sorts of different roles and they have all made me feel really welcome and have included me fully in the whole interview process. My opinions as a young person have always been respected and taken into consideration when they decide who gets the job. There has been a varied response from the candidates – some have treated me the same as the professionals on the panel & others haven’t.

Helping out with interviews has given me confidence and a really good insight into the interview process and how decisions are made about who is the most suitable person for the job. This is an opportunity I would never normally have had and has taught me how I should behave and represent myself now that I am looking for a job.
Everyone at CAMHS is so warm and welcoming to me, they always greet me with a smile. I feel like I am treated with respect.