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In East London NHS Foundation Trust (ELFT) DIALOG+ has replaced part of the Care Programme Approach meeting. For more details on the Care Programme Approach email Frank Röhricht the Medical Director for Innovation, Research and Medical Education. 

DIALOG and DIALOG+ have been widely implemented in the NHS and in healthcare worldwide. TRIALOG uses the same methodology for managerial supervision of staff using questions on 10 areas of wellbeing.

Training offered to ELFT staff:

Part 1 - DIALOG+ 90 minutes 

Part 2 - DIALOG+ Solution Focus Problem Solving full day training 

Train the Trainer - Solution Focus Problem Solving full day training limited to 15 people

Book by emailing:

Part 2

Part 1


And please click below for access to a presentation used at ELFT that covers the use of DIALOG+:

CPA Resdesign @ELFT: A novel "recovery care" process - the journey so far... (Paul Binfield, Frank Rohricht and Sidney Millin)


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Find your local Trainer

Lara O'Connell People Participation Lead for Perinatal and Project Lead for DIALOG+

e: m:07918445783



Trainee Feedback

  • The training was very good, I got a lot out of it
    and have come away with some ideas of how
    to implement them into my practice which was
    my goal at the outset of the training.
  • I loved the training and found it eye opening.
    I am keen to put this into practice. Doris and
    Lara are brilliant!
  • I thoroughly enjoyed attending the training as
    I felt it was helpful in providing the skills which
    I can adapt in practice. Having a smaller group
    of people in the training session meant that it
    was intimate and personalised. Everyone felt
    able to discuss content of the session as well
    as bring answers forward. Both presenters kept
    the content very engaging throughout the day.
    I would recommend spending more time
    discussing and applying the 4 skills learnt at
    the end of the day. Perhaps even role play of
    providing these skills and then having
    feedback from the presenters about how we did.
  • Very interesting and overall good presentation-
    training. A little bit difficult to understand how
    to apply and where in a NHS work context.
    Indeed, as this precious language tool we can
    use has to be answered and meet at the same
    level by our interlocutors
  • A fantastic training! Thank you to Lara and
    Doris. It’s been “Very Good” because it was
    informal, interactive and engaging. There was
    a good balance of information and exercises
    that were very helpful. I enjoyed the intimate
    group size – enough to keep track of people’s
    thoughts and ideas. I cannot fault the session.
    Perhaps a request or something to think
    about... I think going through in detail how
    SFT would be used in the DIALOG+ assessment
    would be helpful, e.g. going through each
    question and reflecting on how SFT can be
    applied. That might mean the training might
    be held over two days or an additional part
    for those who are interested. I am only
    suggesting this because I thought the
    training would be heavily focused on this.
  • Helpful tips of encouraging positive solution
    focussed conversations Warm and friendly
    facilitators Managed time well and kept
    small group engaged Good that breakout
    rooms had the power slides on them as
  • Very engaging day, and well presented and
    facilitated. A lot of tools and strategies
    covered in a relatively short amount of
    time so I personally had difficulty getting
    going with putting them in to practice
    during the role plays and needed prompting,
     but the guidance provided by the facilitator
    during the role play was excellent, being both
    supportive and encouraging. I learnt a lot of
    really useful information which I can see
    making a significant and positive difference
    to interactions with others, and increasing
    a sense of empowerment. Thank you
  • Course was very informative. Facilitators
    took their time to explore content and
    ensure that I appreciated and reflected
    the contents of the training and what
    was discussed
  • I felt the last part of the session could
    have been condensed in time as it felt
    quite long towards the end.
  • I really enjoyed the session. Facilitators
    were very engaging. I think it might be
    helpful to make it a two day training.
  • I would like to take this opportunity to
    thank the opportunity to learning and
    commitment of the instructors. I had
    the pleasure of having an intense
    personal and professional improvement
    with the experience. I am also grateful

    for the amiable and receptiveness of
    the professors who were kind in sharing
  • such precious knowledge and so patiently
    lend themselves to practicing with us
    techniques that will be of great utility
    and application to my patients in
    mental health care. A lot of thanks!
  • I learned a lot and also had fun during
    the session! I’m glad that I had the
    opportunity to enjoy the training.
  • A really good training session and
    thank you for inviting me!
  • It was good to get a better
    understanding of how Dialog+
    should be used. I think it may have
    been helpful to have differentiated a
    little more between Dialog and Trialog
    and explore case studies that were
    more relevant to service users that
    we come across, rather than problems
    that individuals are facing in the
    training. Personally, I do not feel so
    comfortable exploring that in that
    kind of environment but that may
    just be me! I would have liked a little
    longer off for lunch and the breaks,
    if possible, I find it difficult to be in
    front of a screen for so long without
    a more substantial time away. Again,
    that may just be me! Thanks again
    for the training. It was really
    informative. Thank you also for
    acknowledging the issues that I
    have faced implementing this
    approach in practice.
  • I would have rated all of the above
    as excellent had that been an option!
    It was great to be part of such a small
    group and have the opportunity to
    work through case studies in detail.
    I really appreciated the chance to
    also get feedback from a peer observing
    the case study. I have attended SFBT
    training in the past and been sceptical
    of the approach because it was
    delivered in a very formulaic way.
    This training has given me a whole
    new perspective as it showed me how
    it can be applied with much more
    sensitivity and nuance to have natural
    and supportive conversations with a
    range of clients and colleagues. I learnt
    so much that is applicable both to my
    clinical work and my career development.
  • It was great to experience practising
    using the tools Thank You!
  • Great session with a good balance
    between theory and discussion.
    Group size is also ideal especially
    on virtual sessions. Makes it more
    manageable and we get to know
    each other quite well. Gives
    opportunity to have more interaction.
  • I thoroughly enjoyed the training
    and had learnt the most I ever have
    done through an online training course,
    it was very interactive and the
    facilitators were very engaging
    and encouraging! Thank you 😊
  • I just wanted to thank you for
    yesterday’s course in Solution Solving.
    I found it very interesting and educational. 
    I feel much more confident now to
    speak to service users. Thank you also
    for offering your help if I find myself
    in a situation that I am not confident
    to handle and need advice.
  • Thank you very much for this session,
    it was informative and enjoyable, and
    I learned a lot from the presentations
    and other participants. I especially
    liked learning about how to use
    DIALOG conversations in practice
    (my main aim for the session) by
    taking part in these conversations
    myself. Constructive criticisms:
    the training felt slightly rushed
    at times due to the amount of
    content covered in the time –
    it would have worked better
    for me if the day had been
    slightly longer with more breaks;
    the Q&A was generally well-
    managed, although I sometimes
    felt that some participants could
    have been given more opportunities
    to speak and share their ideas and questions.
  • Thanks very much for a great session.
    I am very sorry that I kept nipping out.
    Definitely understand a lot more about
    Trialog now and how to use
    effectively. As have a good bit of
    experience as a coach, was okay on
    that side of things.  
  • I think there was too much recapping,
    which I found frustrating and time-
    consuming. I think it probably would
    have been more helpful if attendees
    had practiced doing the 4 steps
    themselves as interviewers, not just as
    interviewees. Content was interesting
    but I was expecting more of a training
    about DIALOG+ explicitly and how it
    is used at ELFT. Found lots of the
    info about re-framing questions very
  • Lara & Doris were fantastic teachers
    and allowed space for attendees to
    explore the topic(s) without
    judgement. They encouraged
    autonomy and ideas with a lot of
    care and knowledge. If possible the
    team may consider doing 2 x ½-day
    sessions rather than a whole day?
    My engagement was highest in the
    morning but dipped slightly in the PM.
  • I thoroughly enjoyed the training
    and seeing Dialog/Dialog+ in practice
    – the training will help my  team
    tremendously in understanding
    the role of Solution Focused Problem
    Solving within the context of
    Personalised Support Planning
    / Personal Health Budgets /
    Patients Know Best. 
  • Hi, Doris! Sorry about the delay!
      I had an incredible and very
    productive time on January
    20th with your group! It went
    way  beyond my expectations!
    Thanks for the availability to
    help us during our project. It
    will be very important to us!
    Best regards, Carol 
  • Thanks for delivering this
    session yesterday, I enjoyed it
    and learned a lot!
  • Thanks for the great day,
    was fantastic learning from
    your expertise. 
  • I found yesterday's training
    extremely helpful and feel
    that my understanding of SFPS
    / Dialog /+ has improved greatly.
    The session was also very
    engaging - no mean feat for
    an all-day online session.
    Thank you.

For further information please contact