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Council of Governors Meetings

Council of Governors Meetings

Council of Governor meetings are open to all staff and the public.

In line with guidance on fighting the spread of COVID-19 (Coronavirus) and in the interests of protecting our service users, patients and staff, we are unable to hold Council meetings in public at this time and so they will be held virtually.

Members of the public who wish to observe the meeting from their homes can now do so by contacting or calling us on 0800 032 7297. All papers will continue to be published to the website prior to the meeting date and members of the public are invited to submit questions to the meeting in line with the Trust’s normal process by emailing

Please note that dates and times may be subject to change, so please check back regularly for updates. 

Given the uncertainty as to how long the current restrictions will be required, the position set out above will remain in place until further notice. However, we look forward to welcoming back members of the public to our Council meetings as soon as the necessary steps to limit the transmission of COVID-19 are lifted.

Click here to view Council of Governors Meeting papers (please contact the Governors and Members Office for papers older then three years)

Future dates: 

14 July 2022 5-7pm
8 September 2022 5-7pm
10 November 2022 5-7pm
19 January 2023 5-7pm
9 March 2023 5-7pm

Registering for Attendance

Members wishing to attend a Council of Governor Meeting should contact the Governors and Member Office: Email

Please click here to access the meeting.

By taking part as a member of the public in the meeting, you are agreeing that you will not record in either video or audio format the Meeting in whole or part.

In keeping with ELFT’s values, we ask all participants to respect the Chair and the speakers at the meeting; to listen with interest and an open mind, and to express disagreement with care and respect.

Other considerations:

  • Please log on ten minutes before the start of the meeting if possible to ensure a good connection
  • Please keep your microphone on the ‘mute’ setting during the meeting
  • Please use the chat function for queries or comments; the chat function will be monitored and the chair will be made aware of comments and queries
  • The meeting moderators will switch off your video feed to reduce bandwidth. You will still be able to see all active participants
  • Where possible, please submit any queries you may have in advance of the meeting, but no later than 5pm, Tuesday 12 July 2022. Queries raised at the meeting will be responded to wherever possible in writing within ten days (please let us have your email address for a response)
  • There may be periods of group work in breakout rooms. It will not be possible for members of the public to join these; however, if you simply remain online, you will notice the meeting resuming afterward
  • If you are experiencing technical issues, please feel free to leave the meeting and rejoin.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding this prior to the meeting, please email

For the best experience, we would recommend downloading the Zoom client at For more information on Zoom please visit: