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ELFT Charity

ELFT Charity

Making a donation to the ELFT Charity is a great way to support your local NHS to benefit local people. You can make a real difference to the wellbeing of staff and service users. The ELFT Charity supports innovative projects that make a positive, lasting change and go above and beyond what the NHS would usually provide.  Sometimes the most impactful ideas are simple ones that can benefit service users and staff in novel ways. Below you can see some of the ways the money has benefited people. You can also find out more about how to raise money for the ELFT charity, making a donation or including a legacy in your will.

Registered Charity Number 1198337

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ELFT Charity Cupcakes

Corporate Staff Bakers Raise £140

Thank you to our talented bakers and the cake eaters!

Knowing Where the Gaps Are

Working closely with families means that our staff are aware of needs in our local communities, often know where there are gaps or where a small initiative could make a massive difference. Charitable Funds do not replace NHS funding. Instead, they allow us to do something different, trial new ways, work with people's creativity to improve wellbeing.

So making a donation to the ELFT Charity will make a difference to staff and service user wellbeing. You can support us to help people find their feet and start their journey.

Any member of staff can apply for an ELFT Charity grant to support a staff or service user initiative. Novel, imaginative and alternative approaches are especially welcome where they bring benefits to the workforce or local community. 

Supporting innovative projects

We support projects that:

  • Improve social networks
  • Improve employment prospects
  • Improve digital accessibility

We support initiatives that:

  • Reduce isolation and loneliness
  • Improve digital access and confidence  
  • Support personal growth, development, and the attainment of skills 

Further information

For further information about the ELFT Charity, you can email:  or call 0207 655 4049

If you have a fundraising idea and would like the ELFT Charity to be the beneficiary, we would be delighted to hear from you. All ideas are welcomed and we can help you to explore it.

You could be sponsored for a feat such as running, walking, swimming, climbing or any other human endeavour.

You could do something for others and encourage them to make a donation to the ELFT charity in exchange. Eg. Bake cakes, biscuits, facemasks, plant seedlings, etc.

You could offer a talent and donate money raised to the ELFT Charity. Eg. A singing or speaking booking, a masterclass, haircut, make-up session, litter collection, etc.

You could do something a bit zany such as wear a gorilla suit all day, or sit in a bath of baked beans (but that might be a bit too messy and your family/flatmates might complain, as well as being wasteful!)

Get in touch with us to jointly work out the logistics. Email:

No idea is too crazy or too zany for us!!!!

People who have been cared for by our staff may want to express their appreciation to those who have supported them through a difficult or challenging time, or provided end of life care.

A donation to the ELFT Charity can go into the general charitable fund to support a range of projects across the Trust, to help patients, service users and the wider community. Or you can specify a particular department, ward or team that you would like your donation to benefit- especially if they have been there for you.

You need to make sure your wishes are explained clearly in a professionally written will that is up-to-date. This is the best way to ensure that people and causes that are important to you are supported.

If you are considering bequeathing a legacy or donation to the ELFT Charity and would like more details, please contact us: 

Barts Charity currently administers the ELFT Charity's funds. The ELFT Charity committee has oversight of this fund and directs it to the purposes the fund was for and the delivery of the Trust strategy to improve the health of the local residents. 

How the ELFT Charity Monies are used

The Charity funds are not meant to be stored or saved. They have to be used and issued year-on-year to assist or enhance developments such as: 

  • Supporting healthy living and health promotion of our local residents and staff 
  • Helping to maintain the best possible environment for care
  • Funding the most up-to-date equipment
  • Supporting the training and development of staff
  • Supporting research into, and development of, treatments

What is an NHS charitable fund?

NHS Charitable Funds is the term used to cover the money that is not received as a normal part of NHS business but is rather money donated or left to the Trust, to pay for additional items that might not be purchased in the normal course of business

What kinds of things can charitable funds pay for?

The funds can be used for the following purposes:

  • Medical and other equipment to support patient care, diagnosis, and research
  • Refurbishment of the ward and other areas to create a better environment and generally enhance patient care
  • Those extra comforts for patients are not permitted from other sources such as televisions, trips, holidays, recreational facilities, and other entertainments
  • Staff and service user welfare, amenities, books, training, and education

What types of support is the ELFT Charity focusing on?

ELFT Charity has opted to focus on three specific areas to support people who receive services from the Trust:

  • Reducing Isolation and Loneliness
  • Improving Digital Access and Confidence
  • Supporting Personal Growth, Development, and Attainment of Skills
  • What is the criteria for applying to the funds?

An application form is available to download below. This will need to be completed with some clear information on the reasons for requesting the funds, the amount, and how you intend to spend.

A successful proposal will:

  • Benefit patients, residents, carers, or staff
  • Be clear about who the beneficiaries are
  • Be properly costed including showing the impact of revenue implications separately and how these will be picked up.
  • Be supported by the relevant manager
  • Have sufficient funds
  • Show value for money

The form will be submitted to the ELFT Charity Committee, which meets on a monthly basis to approve any requests made.

Is a grant a one-off payment or can you apply for repeat funds?

There are no restrictions on how many times you can apply for charitable funds, we want to hear your ideas and support where possible. But we do ask for bids to show how the project will be supported going forward.

Is there a minimum or maximum amount you can ask for?

Depending on what the request is, there are some restrictions on the amount. We have two forms of application:

  • Option 1: This is limited to £5,000, duration 12 months
  • Option 2: For funding applications that are more detailed in support and address larger aspects of needs within the wider community that may require larger funding.

What is the process for applying for funding?

There is a simple form that you have to complete and submit:

Where does the money in the ELFT Charity come from?

The funds currently have come from many sources including, patients, donors, and fundraising events.

How is the money looked after?

Our existing funds are administratively managed by the Barts Charity and Cambridgeshire Community Services. The ELFT Charity is registering with the Charities Commission. When this is complete, ELFT monies will be transferred across to this.

Who decides or makes the decision on allocating funds?

The ELFT Charity Committee considers all applications.

What is the process for people to contribute to the fund?

Currently, the funds are received by Barts Charity and CCS through:

  • Monthly donations as gifts
  • A one-off gift
  • In memory – donations in honour of someone special
  • Through a will as a legacy
  • Via phone or post using the appropriate forms
  • Fundraising activities

What is the fund not for?

Charitable funds cannot be used to meet budget deficits, funding gaps, or personal items for individuals

If I donate money, can I specify how it should be used?

We are grateful for all donations to the ELFT Charity. Donations can have the caveat of being directed to a particular service or issue. Often, someone will spot a need through contact with a service or identify something that would enhance how we support service users or staff. So we will ensure any monies donated to benefit the identified service. The ELFT Charity has opted to focus on three specific areas:

  • Improving Social Networks
  • Improving Employment Prospects
  • Improving Digital Accessibility

How does the ELFT Charity complement ELFT’s work?

  • ELFT provides outstanding care to our service users and aims to be an exemplary employer taking care of and supporting our teams
  • ELFT will continue to do this but there are times when the needs of the people we support and work with cannot be met within ELFT’s remit as an NHS organisation
  • Our charitable arm will aim to meet these needs, which will typically be beyond the clinical care and exceptional employee support ELFT provides

For this reason we will not fund work that ELFT should rightly have within its budget eg PPE, clinical care, ward renovations, team training and away days.  We have capital and expenditure budgets in place for these already in ELFT.

How does the ELFT Charity fit within the Strategy of the Trust?

Our charitable work supports and works within the Trust Strategy and potentially can play a key role in funding an initiative not otherwise possible
The Trust’s population health objectives in particular will be a key focus
What will be the ELFT Charity’s key priorities?

Every year we will set some broad priorities that will guide our key projects

These will be set in consultation with our service users, colleagues, and governors and will be informed by our People Participation priorities and others.

We will balance our funding across our geography and communities taking into account needs and donor priorities. Our current priorities are:

  • Improving Social Networks
  • Improving Employment Prospects
  • Improving Digital Accessibility
  • Our Key Projects

Our key projects give focus to our work and enable requests to be made against them and for us to fundraise for them [ie donor friendly ideas too]

Our current key projects are:

  • Digital support package: providing digital equipment and training to service users to help them access more opportunities
  • Education Support: funding educational support for young people leaving our care who have missed schooling as a result of being in care
  • New Start Package: funding home starter packs for people leaving our inpatient care
  • Social Support: funding support groups working specifically with our service users
  • Updated January 2022

The ELFT Charity is keen to receive bids from staff who want to start innovative projects that will make a positive and long-lasting change and go above and beyond what we’d expect the NHS to normally provide. You can apply with co-applicants. They may be external to the Trust, but you’ll need to explain why their specific expertise is needed.

Funding cannot go towards a service or item that NHS funding should provide but the ELFT Charity can support projects that will benefit service users and staff. 

The ELFT Charity is providing an opportunity for services to consider applying for grants for the following priority areas:

• Improving Social Networks
• Improving Employment Prospects
• Improving Digital Accessibility

There are two types of funding that can be applied apply for:

Option 1: This is limited to £5,000
Purpose: Ideas and improvements focused on supporting service users in East London, Luton & Bedfordshire.
Level of Funding: Up to £5,000 is available
Duration of funding: Up to 12 months
Region: East London, Luton & Bedfordshire

Option 2: For funding applications that are more detailed in support and address larger aspects of needs within the wider community. We understand in such situation’s application may require larger funding.
Purpose: Ideas and improvements focused on supporting our service users in East London, Luton & Bedfordshire.
Level of Funding: In excess of £5,000
Duration of funding: Up to 12 months
Region: East London, Luton & Bedfordshire

Application Criteria
In your application for a grant, we will look for:

  • The benefit on service users, public and/or staff
  • A clear plan to make it happen.
  • Originality, innovation and inventiveness
  • Plans and commitment to making the project sustainable beyond ELFT Charitable
    funding and/or lead to a lasting change
  • Plans to monitor and evaluate the impact and share your findings and outcomes (both locally and in the wider healthcare sector, if appropriate)
  • Why the project should be supported by charitable funds

We manage funds donated for a restricted or specific purpose which we may be able to use to
help fund your idea in those cases so still do get in touch.

Who can apply?
If you are employed by ELFT (and will be for the duration of the grant), you can apply for funding as the main applicant. You can apply with co-applicants external to the Trust but you will need to state why their specific expertise is needed.

ELFT Charity - Small Grants Application Form

ELFT Charity - Application Form

ELFT Charity - Funding Guidance

ELFT Charity - Expression of Interest

We are raising funds to support staff and patients who are experiencing hardship during these unprecedented times, for details, please visit our Just Giving page.

Learn more about the ELFT Hardship Fund and how to make an application by downloading this form