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PPDC: Our Story

Our Story

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Here’s what a service user had to say about their Digital Health Forum experience: “It is always abundantly clear how carefully the team listen to our points of view and any suggestions that are put forward to them.”

What’s next? Digital Life Coaches

Offering digital health services is a new kind of conversation and takes up valuable consultation and care time. Clinicians aren’t trained to teach digital skills and we have heard from our service users that people learn better from their peers. That’s why one of our main priorities for the next 6 months is creating a Digital Life Coach training programme through the Recovery Colleges. We’ve already launched our first ‘Digital Train the Trainer’ course, and gained our first batch of Digital Life Coaches.  The aim is to develop a bank of coaches, ready to train fundamental digital skills such as using Word, sending emails, online banking as well as how to use the specific digital health tools that ELFT offer.

We are preparing the Recovery Colleges as digital hubs in the future, where people can find community support for digital tools and skills and improve their confidence.