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The Team

Project Lead: Professor Dr. med. Frank Röhricht

MD FRCPsych;  Consultant Psychiatrist/Medical Director at East London NHS Foundation Trust, London; 

Honorary Clinical Professor Queen Mary, University of London & 

Honorary Professor of Psychiatry, St George's Medical School, University of Nicosia, Cyprus

Professional Biography:

trained in Integrative Body Psychotherapy (Netherlands/USA); since 1987 working as body psychotherapist in various settings

  • 1997 (Nov) to date Consultant Psychiatrist, Newham Community NHS Trust / East London & the City University Mental Health NHS Trust, now East London NHS Foundation Trust
  • From 2000 to 2013 Clinical Director for Adult Mental Healthin Newham
  • From 2013 to 2018 Associate Medical Director Research & Innovation
  • Since 2018 Medical Director Research, Innovation & Medical Education

Qualifications & Training:

  • Medical Qualification (MBBS equivalent in Germany) in 1990. Frank completed his M.D. in 1995 at Free UniversityBerlin/Germany, (Doctor of Medicine by Thesis): “Body concept and body schema and their relationship with psychopathological symptoms within acute paranoid schizophrenia”
  • Specialist Training in Psychiatry, Neurology and Psychosomatic Medicine from 1990 – 1997 and CCST in Psychiatry July 1997

Memberships and Appointments

  • Since 1998: Member of Royal College of Psychiatrists (MRCPsych, and FRCPsych)
  • 2000-2010: Honorary Senior Lecturer at the Unit for Social & Community Psychiatry, Queen Mary University of London. Member of the German Association for Psychosomatic Medicine. Chair of the research section of German Association for BodyPsychotherapy (part of European Association of Body Psychotherapy), Patron of the Association for Dance Movement Psychotherapy UK.
  • 2008-2011: Visiting Professor University of Hertfordshire, School of Psychology.
  • 2011-2017: Honorary Professor University of Essex, Centre for Psychonanalytic Studies, UK 
  • Since 2012: Honorary Professor of Psychiatry, St George's Medical School, University of Nicosia, Cyprus
Prof. Frank Rohricht

Project Manager: Nina Papadopoulos

Senior Dance Movement Psychotherapist and Clinical Supervisor 

Nina Papadopoulos is a UKCP registered Senior Dance Movement Psychotherapist, Psychologist and Clinical Supervisor working in the National Health Service and in private practice in the United Kingdom.

She works with a diverse range of patients/clients including refugees and others recovering from trauma.

Nina is involved nationally and internationally in the education and training of Dance Movement Psychotherapists.

Over the last 16 years she has been involved in research projects in the National Health Service extending the applications of Dance Movement Psychotherapy to schizophrenia, depression  and somatic symptom disorder/medically unexplained symptoms.  

Professional Association: Association for Dance Movement Psychotherapy UK

Nina Papadopoulos

Psychotherapist: Georgia Konstantinidi

Embodied Movement Psychotherapist  

Qualifications & Training

  • University of Ioannina, Greece Ptyhion Philosophy- Pedagogy & Psychology 2001 – 2005 
  • Goldsmiths College, U. of London Master of Arts (M.A.)Dance Movement Therapy 2006 – 2008 

Georgia Konstantinidi is an Association for Dance Movement Psychotherapist UK registered Embodied Movement Psychotherapist, practicing for the past 15 years.

Georgia initially trained to work within the psychodynamic approach and embodied perspectives. I now also integrate other models of practice, such as person-centred, systemic and psychoanalytic approaches. Further trainings in Mindfulness, body-mind awareness practices and other creative arts therapies approaches have also enriched my practice. She has also offered training to other professionals and supervision to Arts Therapies students. 

For more than 10 years now, she have worked in various community, educational and health care settings, in the UK and in Greece. Her clinical experience includes work in the NHS and the private sector: Adolescents Mental Health Units, Adults Mental Health centres, Women’s centres, Care Homes and therapeutic centres for children with autism, emotional or learning difficulties.

Georgia Konstantinidi

Stress Reduction Therapist: Dr Stefania Battistella

Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction therapist 

Qualifications & Training

Stefania Battistella is an Health and Care Professions Council registered senior Clinical Psychologist and supervisor.

She has 16 years experience working in the National Health Service (NHS) with different client groups across a range of community and inpatient settings. Stefania is a clinical supervisor and she is involved in the teaching and training of Clinical Psychologists in the UK.

She has a specialist interest and further training in Systemic Psychotherapy (Association of Family Therapy) and Mindfulness (Bangor University).

Stefania uses Mindfulness in individual and group therapy and with staff working in the NHS.

Dr Stefania Battistella

Service Facilitator: DaeNia La Rodé

Qualifications & Training:  

  • Augustana College, IL, USA BA Neuroscience and Biology 2015 – 2019  
  • University College London (UCL) MSc. Clinical Neuroscience 2019 – 2020 

DaeNia La Rodé is a Midlands Integrative Biosciences Training Partnership PhD Student. 

She has delivered presentations in both specialist and non-specialist settings, presenting research in medical and social neuroscience comprising of work with cells, animals and humans and has peer reviewed for the Association for Psychological Science.  

She has been recognised by Augustana’s Centre for the Study of Ethics for her paper titled “Ethical Dilemma of Alzheimer's Disease and Informed Consent” and has done research on Power Morality and Bribery which she presented at an international conference in Washington DC. 

Additionally, her background is both scientific and administrative with 4 years in academic administration. 

DaeNia La Rodé