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Find out more about our teaching and training package for primary care providers, an information resource for commissioners and for clinicians across the country.

Tools and resources

Use our information resource for clinicians and commissioners working with patients and services with medically unexplained symptoms.


Our teaching and training packages are aiming to disseminate information, knowledge and skills relevant to evidence based practice (organisational and clinical) for the development of local cost effective and clinically viable primary care pathways for patients with Medically Unexplained Symptom disorders / Functional Somatic Symptom disorders (new terminology according to ICD-11/DSM) in the UK (England).

Our objectives are to:

  • raise awareness amongst major stakeholders in respect of the scale of the problem, associated burden to the health economy, specific clinical needs of the patient population and possible solutions in terms of care pathway developments
  • inform commissioners in respect of setting up a novel and innovative care pathway that combines clinical and cost effectiveness and offers opportunities to reduce expenditure
  • gather a group of interested and dedicated GP mental health leads in order to develop champions for further spreading/implementation
  • contribute to upskilling primary care practitioners (GPs, nurses and Dance Movement Psychotherapists)
  • develop the workforce for the delivery of the novel body-oriented interventions for MUS sufferers
  • develop an information and networking platform for both clinical staff and service users
  • disseminate the findings of the Health Foundation funded clinical open trial

All trainings are embedded within the changing primary care context