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14 July 2022

Adrian Joins the People Participation Team

A new Corporate People Participation Lead started with the trust in July.
Adrian Two

A warm welcome to ELFT's new Corporate People Participation Lead Adrian Curwen, a familiar and friendly face known to many across ELFT already.

Adrian first became involved with ELFT’s People Participation team in 2016 as a member of interview panels. He kindly answered some questions about what he has been doing so far and how he sees his new role in the trust:

Can you say something about what led you to take on your new role with the People Participation team?

My previous experience has been the catalyst in spurring me on to take up the new role.

I was Chair of Tower Hamlets QI Forum and co-produced the ‘Intro to QI’ training session for service users.    

I was Trust Delegate at the Royal College of Psychiatrists International Conference earlier this year in May. I spoke on the importance and value of co-production in Medical Education with people with lived experience.

Why is PP an essential part of healthcare, in your opinion?  

Service user participation and coproduction is vital in ensuring that high quality services are provided. 

Lived experience is essential in helping to improve processes -  it allows the freeing up of time for high quality care. 

It has a tremendous impact on recovery for the service user.

It empowers people and demonstrates that the views of people with lived experience are valued and can make a palpable difference. 

Through my experience with People Participation my self-confidence and self-esteem increased  and I started to become involved in things that were once outside my comfort zone.

I used to be paralysed by anxiety, and could barely talk in front of three people (which I know some people I've worked with at ELFT will find difficult to believe!) 

 I want to help extend the opportunities to other service users, for People Participation to have as much of an impact on them as it has had on me.  

What do you envisage your new role to involve, and are there any projects you are keen to get stuck into?  

A key part of my role is developing and expanding service user involvement in the trust’ corporate services, and to increase the connection between corporate services and service users.  

I’m looking forward to working with the Quality teams, and Corporate Governance to develop more opportunities for people with lived experience.

A long-term ambition is to pilot a Service User Led Accreditation for non-clinical services as well. 

Find out more about ELFT People Participation here.