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10 November 2022

A global radio show focus on ELFT's People Participation Team

UK Health Radio is a digital radio station with over 1.3 million monthly listeners worldwide. Paul and Millie from the ELFT People Participation team were recent guests.
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Broadcaster Danielle Sax, presenter of the show 'From Stress to Authentic Success' interviewed ELFT's People Participation Director Paul Binfield and Head of PP, Millie Smith in November.

Danielle talked to them about mental health, wellbeing and the role of the People Participation team in aiding people's recovery. 

The show is broadcast on digital radio station UK Health Radio which has 1.3 million monthly listeners worldwide. 

Both Millie and Paul talk about their personal experience of mental health and wellbeing and describe how the People Participation team helps to strengthen ELFT services by having experts with lived experience take a leading role in designing service care.

They also describe how the team have helped to support over 150 people into full-time employment as they moved towards recovery in recent years.

Other issues discussed include the proactive work the team took to support people during the recent pandemic lockdowns by setting up the ELFT Befriending Service and how experts with lived experience work to support recruitment through their work on interview panels.

Millie and Paul describe how the PP team work with the emergency services, the railway networks and universities. Their team includes children as young as eleven and people in their 80s.

"It was great talking to Danielle,' said Millie afterwards. 

"She was really interested in understanding what People Participation is all about, and it gave us an opportunity to bring a greater awareness and understanding of how coproduction and service user involvement works.

"Now a global audience know about the innovative ways we can all work together to improve the quality of health services and how lived experience of ill health can be turned into a positive for personal and community growth." 

Listen to the radio show here.

Click here to visit the UK Health Radio website.

Find out more about ELFT's People Participation team here. 

Please note: A previous figure for UK Health Radio having 200,000 listeners worldwide was corrected on 10 November 2022