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Newham Community Children's Asthma, Wheeze, and Atopy Nurse Specialists

Newham Community Children's Asthma Nurse Specialists

We are three nurses who specialise in Asthma, Wheeze and Atopy. Our working hours are Monday to Friday 0900-1700 at The Appleby Health Centre in Canning Town and the second Saturday of every month at  East Ham Care Centre. 

We provide support and advice on the management of Wheeze, Asthma and Atopy with an aim to keep children out of hospital where we can, and support children, young people and their families to safely manage their condition at home.


Child at SCYPS

The best outcome is to keep children managing their Asthma and Wheeze and Atopy at home using their personalised asthma action plan, with support from us as needed. We work with children and young people, families, GP, Health Visitors, School Nurses, and Respiratory Consultants in the local hospitals (along with others) to provide well-rounded support for children's Asthma, Wheeze and Atopy*.

We see children aged 0-18 years, who have a diagnosis of asthma/wheeze and any of the following: 

  • have had a high dependency admissions to hospital 
  • have needed intensive care for their asthma/wheeze 
  • have attended hospital (A+E) and/ or been admitted more than twice in 12 months for their asthma or wheeze
  • new diagnosis of asthma 
  • professionals concern about them taking their medicines on a regular basis
  • missing a large percentage of school due to asthma (although this is usually first approached with 0-19 school nursing service)

*we will only accept referrals for children with atopic conditions (eczema and/or allergies) if they have poorly controlled wheeze or asthma.

We accept referrals from any professional who knows the child, and can accept a parental referral if it meets the criteria above.

Once we have a referral, we aim to consider it and contact the family within 2 working days, and aim to see the child as soon as possible (within a month usually – sometimes there is a waiting list).

We will initially invite the children, young people and their families to a 'Group Consultation' which involves a short wheeze and asthma education session, followed by an individual assessment. In special circumstances we may conduct a home visit to complete our initial assessment. 

All children, young people will be followed up, usually around 8 weeks by a telephone call or in a face to face clinic with their named nurse.

At the clinic we will check the child’s observations, and take a follow up history, and propose new treatments/care/advise as appropriate.  Children and families can ask any questions or address any concerns they may have about their child’s asthma and wheeze or atopic condition/s.

We would ask the families to bring all personalised asthma action plans, inhalers, spacers and peak flows with them to help with this.
Once the child and family are happy with their management and stable on it, we will stop seeing them in the clinic, and discharge the child, but the family can call us back if they have concerns and we will readmit them to our caseload and see them again if appropriate.

We are contactable on 0203 738 7063.  We are based at Appleby Health Centre, Canning Town, E16 1LQ.