Foot Health

Tower Hamlets

Department of Foot Health, Mile End Hospital
2nd Floor, Yellow Zone,
Grove Building,
Bancroft Road,
London  E1 4DG
8.30 am - 5.00 pm

Foot Health Telephone Number:  020 7771 5775

You can contact the service by phone or email directly on

Foot Health Referral Criteria

All patients referred to the service will be screened. They will be invited for an assessment if they meet the below criteria. The service will treat the following groups: 
  • Diabetic patients with complications affecting their feet
  • Peripheral arterial disease patients
  • Peripheral sensory neuropathy patients
  • People with Rheumatoid disease affecting their feet
  • People who have significant foot deformity and congenital foot issues
  • People who have previously had foot ulcers
  • Bedbound patients
  • Children
  • Mental Health issues such as dementia

All referrals need to be emailed to Single Point of Access 

The reason for referral should be clearly stated.
Following assessment, patients who meet the new criteria will be taken on by the service.

Referrals for people who do not meet the criteria for NHS podiatric services cannot be accepted. This includes:

  • People who have needs such as verrucae, dry skin, corns and fungal infections and who do not have any of the health conditions listed above;
  • Patients who currently receive routine nail cutting but who do not have any of the conditions listed;
  • People who have mobility issues which mean they have trouble reaching their feet but have no other medical or foot conditions;
  • Patients with biomechanical problems, musculoskeletal problems and sport injuries such as heel pain; plantar fasciitis; metatarsalgia; forefoot pain, etc.

People who have generic foot care needs will be signposted to accredited podiatry services which they will need to pay for.

If you do not meet the above criteria for NHS podiatry services, you can arrange to see a private podiatrist. 

You can find a list of local providers here

If you have basic foot care needs because you can't reach your feet or you do not have a carer that can undertake basic foot care, you could opt to visit a nail technician for nail cutting - and a bit of pampering.
For more information, contact the service on 020 7 7715775 .

* The service is no longer commissioned to provide treatment and advice for sports injuries or muskuloskeletal issues, or provide %3

Any health professional in Tower Hamlets can refer patients to this service using our referral form.

Email the form to:

Self referrals are not accepted.

The department will prioritise assessment and foot care services for high risk or vulnerable patients.   

Main Foot Health Service
The Foot Health Department in located in Mile End Hospital.  Call 020 8223 8849

Community Clinics:
Bethnal Green Health Centre
Newby Place Health Centre

We can help with a range of conditions which affect foot health such as Diabetes, circulatory conditions or congenital deformity. The service treats those with high risk conditions which affect the foot. 



The department consists of a small team based at Mile End Hospital and provides high risk specialised podiatric interventions.




The podiatry team is formed of podiatrists and trained foot care assistants working together to provide advice and clinical expertise for patients experiencing high risk foot problems.

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This is a drop-in clinic and provided you arrive by 8:30 am, you will be assessed by a Podiatrist and treatment will be offered if necessary.

The clinic operates from Monday-Friday 8.30am prompt (Excluding Bank Holidays) for treating blisters, sores, wounds, ulcers, infections, swelling, discharging wounds and inflamed areas such as ingrowing toenails.

You will not be treated in the Emergency clinic with non-urgent foot issues like long nails, corns,callous, verruca or heel pain.



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