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Continuing Healthcare Team - Newham

The team provide support for people who need ongoing care in a residential care setting, providing assessment from start to finish to fully understand the person's needs and review of care.

The Continuing Healthcare Team provides case management, support and training around NHS Continuing Healthcare (NHS CHC), in In line with the National Framework for NHS Continuing Healthcare (November 2012, revised 2013).

This CHC Framework applies to all Newham residents over the age of 18 years. 

CHC works as part of a community team carrying out NHS Continuing care assessments and reviews care package, within a defined caseload of older adults within their homes and in the community. 

CHC also monitors ongoing care needs of patients ensuring referral to other agencies as appropriate. 

CHC works closely with the London Borough of Newham Council Adult Safeguarding Team and provides feedback on progress for care coordinated clients in nursing care homes. 


Shrewsbury Road Health Centre
306 Shrewsbury Road
E7 8QP
United Kingdom

Paulette Douglas-Obobi CHC Team Manager 
Email address
Telephone number
0207 909 3805

Ensure that continuing Healthcare assessments are completed in accordance with the National Framework for NHS Continuing Healthcare and NHS Funded Nursing Care for adults 18 years and above registered with a Newham GP. 

To work in partnership with patients, their carers and other health and social care professionals to ensure a high standard of care. 

To provide a care co-ordination approach to the management and support of individuals who meet the eligibility for NHS Continuing Health Care (CHC). 

To carry out reviews of the care packages.  The care package reviews will be done at 3 months and yearly after that in accordance with the National Framework for NHS Continuing Healthcare and NHS- Funded Nursing Care 2018. 

Facilitate nursing home placements for patients who have met the NHS Continuing Healthcare Eligibility and are receiving full NHS Funding. 

Process referrals for CHC funding via the Fast-Track pathway, ensuring that patients at the end of their life receive the care and support they need.

Referrals are accepted from Acute Hospital, Palliative Care Teams and Social Workers for patients with a GP in Newham. Referrals should be emailed to 

Please complete the referral here - Continuing Care Fast Track Tool

Complete the Continuing Healthcare Needs Checklist 

London Borough of Newham and in independent nursing care homes in Newham and communities outside of Newham.