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Referral forms

Referral forms

You can download referrals forms and referral details for a range of services here. Information about where to send the referral form to is indicated on the respective form. In some cases you can refer directly using the telephone number listed below.


Children and Young People Community Health - Newham

Older People's Mental Health

Community Dementia Team Single Point of Entry - Newham: 020 8821 0900
Community Dementia Team Single Point of Entry - Tower Hamlets: 020 8121 5650
Older People Single Point of Entry - City and Hackney: 020 3222 8500

Specialist Services

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome / ME

Referral Criteria for Chronic Fatigue Clinic
Referral Form

Referrals to Non-Trust Services for Domestic Violence, Abuse and Safeguarding of Vulnerable People and Children