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Stepney & Wapping Neighbourhood Mental Health Team

The Neighbourhood Mental Health Team (NMHT) is a team of professionals who work together to offer mental health support and treatment to people within a local neighbourhood.

They work closely in partnership with local GP practices, voluntary sector organisations and the Local Authority to offer person-centred care. If required NMHTs would also facilitate referral to specialist borough-wide mental health services or clinics or other resources e.g. therapy or educational or self-help groups.

The Neighbourhood Mental Health Team is an amalgamation of what was previously our CMHT (Community Mental Health Team), Assessment and Brief Treatment Team (ABT), Enhanced Primary Care Team (EPC), with several additional new professional roles too.

Sometimes they will offer care directly, and sometimes they advise and support other services to provide mental health care.


Glasshouse Fields Centre
68 Glasshouse Fields
United Kingdom

Opening hours
Opening hours: Monday - Friday 9-5
Virtual referral huddle:13:00 Tuesday, 12:30 Thursday & Friday

Referral email
Telephone number
020 7791 5200

The NMHT offer a variety of interventions to help people with their mental health, recognising that this can often be affected by a wide range of issues including someone’s physical health, job situation, accommodation, leisure activities, relationships with partner/family, friendships, and personal safety.

The NMHT therefore aim to support people with their mental health, but also offer some care and support for people’s physical health and social needs whilst taking into account a person’s individual cultural and spiritual needs.

The team work with people to coproduce a personalised care and support plan which will include a range of interventions to help someone meet their recovery goals. This might include a variety of different therapies, medication and/or support in accessing community-based or social support.

For those accessing this service, the NMHT will aim to:

  • Offer access to mental health support within 28 days of it being requested
  • Have a named keyworker within the team
  • Better understand what someone’s needs and priorities are using the ‘DIALOG’ tool
  • Signpost to other support that is also available in the local community

The Neighbourhood Mental Health Team consists of a variety of mental health professionals including:

  • Psychiatrists
  • Mental Health Nurses
  • Social Workers
  • Psychologists
  • Pharmacists
  • Occupational Therapist
  • Administrators Bilingual
  • Support Workers
  • Employment specialists


There are also a variety of new roles:

  • Community Connectors – who focus on connecting people to the array of support in local communities and Voluntary Sector
  • Clinical Associates in Psychology (CAPs) – who offer psychological assessment, formulation, intervention, and education Mental Health Practitioners in Primary Care – who offer a variety of mental health support directly in primary care
  • GP Mental Health lead – who are GPs with a passion for mental health and are the Primary Care voice in the team
  • Peer Support Workers – who use mental health lived experience to help a person on a recovery journey, helping instilling hope and empowering them