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Careers Advice

One to One Career Support Sessions

Mass Vaccination staff can access up to four 30-minute career sessions.  Just book a session by emailing us on

Our four sessions cover:

  1. review your CV and discover further learning & development to expand your career options
  2. Search the job market, update your Linkedin profile and create personal statement
  3. Support with job applications and making contact with potential employers and the STAR methodology used in interviewing (see below)
  4. Interview questions for you and interviewers, preparing for tests and presentations for interview and interview practice
Complete our Careers Analysis Questionnaire

Our Careers Analysis Questionnaire to help you to work out your strengths and interests, how you like to learn and what your key qualities are. This will help you to think about what roles and careers would best suit you and enable you to flourish.
Careers Analysis Questionnaire

Video and slides: How to submit a job application and get shortlisted

Video and slides: Preparing for your Dream Job

Guide to a successful NHS interview:

The STAR method to prepare your interview answers:

National career advice: 

NHS Career Management Booklet

Compiling a CV and Job Application

What you need to know to make an impression

Video file